NAME Blogazine: 8 “I’m Hungry”

I begin this blogazine with the following quotes:

I Love You, and you cannot stop me from doing that

My second quote, comes from an extremely talented, gifted and passionate artist, “Ash”,

I don’t grind for better… I grind for purpose


The New Bloos:  Jazz Men and Backdrop


“Life is like playing a piano. Anyone can attempt to play the Eb’s and Iv’s, mashing random vertebrate together to conjure up sounds and noise. But, your true masters and masseurs of the black and white spine, who take time to learn the placements of sounds, their functions within this spine, their counters, balances, all of the ingredients that makes an amazing jazz pianist, a BOSS from the audience standpoint, are simply outstanding.


How can this be applied to life of our everyday fashions? Well, we have hundreds of thousands of  talented individuals that have focused on their specific traits, tasks, insights, interests, motivations, and pushed on to become the best at what they do.


This is obvious. Look at the greats throughout history. From Sports, to Technology, Mathematics to Astrology, these individuals have carried throughout their existence what it means to push through adversity, through all the doubts, to become the best that they can be.


How can this be applied to the common man. such as you and myself? Yea, we all can dream, but it takes the ‘Do’ to make your actions visual. Maybe, perhaps, the area of focus and instruction over the generation is lacking. If role models are truly impacting future leaders and role models, should we turn around what it looks like to be something positive for another individual?


A role model that has aced their career endeavors and exams to become that dominant, insightful leader within their enterprise.


This is all hog-wash.”


Spouse Voucher 4 Him (2) Spouse Voucher 4 Her (2)


For the Lover in you (Download and present to your amazing companion. “They’re worth it”


Typing like a Jazz Pianist

**Warning, A few Curse Words**


















The Infinity of Systems: Life is always developing and evolving. 



There are several ways to interpret this piece. Let me lay them out for you.

1. I was not fond ‘Autumn’ being called ‘fall’.

2. I am nervous with numbers, so, if you subtract 1 from 8, there you have it.

3. My emotions operate like the seasons. (multiple personalities from anger to passion to superior love)

4. A (car) battery has two ends of operation, but, without one, there is no ‘other’.

I was recently blessed with motivation, and I have not FULLY put effort in this work, and that is all my fault. But, what I can tell and share with you is this, ‘I CAN NOT STOP’. I do not know what is going to happen with this blog – for my reader, I truly thank you for working with me and staying patient, consistent, and engaged with our efforts. We are learning as we go, and the applications, although hard at times, are being put into operation.

This motivation has come from a near dear friend from Pennsylvania, and this motivation was shared with me, that spark my true inner voice, that spark of motivation that could inspire you.


So here we are. Just a bit of an introduction of to what I am going to begin with. Consider this blogazine, your appetizer.


I hope you are well – my reader – and please, enjoy your weekend.


You are awesome.



Intro still photo


Replogle: “Earth is Yours”



Boppin’ Down the Boulevard:  “Jazz Poetry”


We         are

      hand-in-hand       strolling

  along     the      side-walk        

To-your-porch      be-cause       your

Parents         real-ly-do-not-like-me

      being        around.


  You         enjoy         the             com-pan-ny

Of       us        hand-in-hand    bopping     down

            Your street.
Pull      me       closer.    Let        me

     blanket           your       chills.         3000

Hops      to      your     porch,

A kiss to seal the deal.





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+drivermatt (but I am honestly a passenger)


NAME Blogazine [ISS. 3] “Let’s Build a Planet?”


Editor’s Intro: I think for this issue, I am just going to type what I want. Express the concerns and desires that I have been thinking about concerning this planet’s internal reality.

And for the record, YES, I do believe in a higher power / energy / source of influence over this reality. In my honest opinion, you would be a bit.. (- -) not to at least have the mental application of a system that is constantly in function with the natural realm of Earth – For example, just think of the other planets and solar systems all throughout the cosmos that are active at this very moment.



1. The Modern Educator: A CEO Story

2. Modern Workhorses: Entrepreneurs verses Robots

3. (Opinion) Tyrannosaurus Tech Presents – “My Digital Existence in a grain of Rice”

4. The I.S.C.: Four Innovators for the Final Frontier

5. Where Will Your Deity Live in the Digital World?

6. The Writer’s Wagon: Torri Domfree – “Speech of Domfree”

Intro still photo

Replogle: There’s Only One.


The Modern Educator: A CEO Story

Modern teachers – some of ya’ll – are EXTREMELY amazing at what you do. Day in and day out, you are putting your minds to work for the future of your individual societies. Holding down the classrooms, taking grades, issuing homework, doing all the things that qualify an excellent teacher to the persona of a CEO – “Classroom educating official”.

Each morning, you arrive at work – FIRST – to prepare for the daily hustle and bustle of your student-employees actions, attitudes, and active imaginations. As the students begin to pile into their labeled learning tables (or desks, however you control your classroom) you set the tone of the day. Maybe their is a pop-quiz today (surprise drug test), or you demand last night’s homework that was assigned just before the class let out (company finance report) or perhaps, you are feeling SO amazed at their hard work and efforts of the past 2 weeks, you decide that today is a pizza and a movie type of day (extended lunch break). I don’t know what you do, each classroom is their own company, under their own CEO and company manual (classroom subject)

I say that to say this, the teachers that I have met and talked with are seriously dedicated to the art of instructing. Now, whether or not the entire manual of how these classrooms and campuses implement their “learning styles and information significance” is another topic. We can see there are problems with certain ideals of what is taught and what is (now) considered important for learning for students, and that hurts to see.

In short, when is lunch?


The Modern Workhorse: The Robot and the Entrepreneur

It simply comes down to the people of a nation. The workers, the sweaters, the hustlers, the grinders, the people – who may or may not – risk a lot, to the people who risk a little and still come up large or simply ‘lumpy’. All that matters in this day in age economic infrastructure, you have to play (work to make your local currency) either way. You either play in the hands of the entrepreneur task, willing to risk it all (whatever your ‘all’ may be) for a taste of the ‘Successful Wo/Man’s Dream’ that you create for yourself, or you robotically create the dream for someone else, giving up on yourself as well as your dream.

The way people are sustaining themselves is rapidly changing. I see this world of the future acting in two forms of robotic pattern: you are either Iron Man, or the person who watches the robot build the parts for the suit. What do I know, you could be both – the hustler watching the pieces and parts being made, then doing your own thing afterwards.

In short, with the amount of gadgets, tools, devices, and software upgrades to these digital toys and electronics, the ‘legal’ hobby of a person can be their hustle.


Rudy and Seth-comic


Tyrannosaurus Tech Presents: “My Digital Existence in a grain of Rice”

Could you imagine never having to worry about credit cards, wallets, I.D.’s, passport information, a driver’s license, your library card, all of the things that link and sync you to a particular piece of information for access to something of product?

This was the idea behind the concept of wearing technology. Not particularly sure where the region was that had these devices, but it really made me think of the accessibility that was behind this device. Everything that you would need, is all programmed through computer. My I.D. to my supermarket value card, this had made for access of daily items all in the convenience of a little device that went not on the arm, but inside? (Yea, freaked me out)

Now, with this device becoming one with who I am, I never knew that humans would be under such a high digital influence of this nature. Does this make things easier for some, or does this make for more issues? The days of living ‘off the grid’ will now be to sustain it.

In short, technology changes the world of interaction similar to a deistical fashion.


The I.S.C. of Project Persephone: Four Innovators for the Final Frontier



Project ISC: Man’s (NEW) Metropolis Kingdoms

In the future, will we have interstellar space colonies that will run and operate just as Earth does, and will continue life and operations within their very own ISC (Interstellar Space Colony), just as Earth does with ALL of us now – minus the wars, fighting, and greed over resources?

HA, kind of funny. For example, if you decide to leave Earth and adventure out on your own to an ISC, you MUST learn to engage and get along for sustaining that ISC, or you will have to come back home, and try to figure things out as to why you are BACK on Earth, instead of one of the various ISCs.

Earth will be ‘home sweet home’, and these ISC are like one of the various heavy populated and beautiful metropolis’s that are scattered around the planet.


Jenine Benyus: Biomimicry

If Earth ever spawned a lady to reflect BACK to her fellow species of the importance and SERIOUSNESS that the role of humans have on planet Earth to maximize their own potential and greater wealth of sustainability, it would be the lovely, Jenine Benyus.


Jenine Benyus. Biologist, author, innovative consultant. She is (what I vote to be) the leading pioneer behind the biomimicry movement.



I am so glad you asked. Biomimicry is the action of replicated Earths’ already established roles and regulations for preserving itself within the natural world, in order to sustain our own man-made kingdom of life in which we have created and established. This range focuses on aquatic life scenarios, plant life operations – such as Julian Melchiorri’s “Silk Leaf”, to animal imitations such as movements and flight.


Julian Melchiorri: The Bio Leaf


BUT, we can expect to see some major powerhouses of the environmental and aeronautic camps coming out with some HIGHLY impressive constructions and concepts for our planet.

SUPER-DUPER graduate student human Julian Melchiorri (Mell-Cur-ee?) out of the UK’s Royal College of Art has begun an adventure entitled the “Silk Leaf Project” that absorbs LIGHT, WATER, and CARBON DIOXIDE to exude for US HUMANS, oxygen to breathe.

Now, with this tool, Mr. Melchiorri says we can travel through space for a longer period with this product. Future moves and shakes for this man-made leaf could possibly be a part of future housing developments for air filtration, ventilation, and interior design.

What could we see being mainstream with Silk Leaves?

Who knows. With this rising class of OUTSIDE THE BOX thinkers and doers, we could have full out silk leaf fashion, cars, mobile phone cases, tail pipe muffler adapters, interior design for the cars, new road signs, coffee mugs, baby diapers, refrigerators – This eco leaf is a neat treat for the street.


Rachel Armstrong: Project Persephone


If the Universe has intended for Earth to have a sister to be present within our orbit, then Dr. Rachel Armstrong is the mother of Persephone, or Earth’s new baby sister.

Project Persephone is a worldship that will be interstellar and habitable to humans for living and supplying the needs of those when needed. We are looking at a world designed by humans, for humans. Earth, on the other hand, is a planet designed by the universe, in which humans have evolved and established themselves within this planet – like a cosmic headquarters.

Earth is our only home, so, when we have another option to live elsewhere, what will this mean for our species? Our sciences? Our collective culture as the only dominant species of this solar system?

“How we treat our ISCs, will reflect how we treat our HQ (Earth).”

Back on Earth – will be a mainstream quotation from the journals and news anchors for our multi-colony existence


Richart Sowa – Spiral Island

Have you ever envisioned yourself on an island, or even on a beach that was all yours, and still have the comforts of a mainland home – but extremely environmentally friendly, safe, and also a solution to pollution? With this techno’LOGICAL’ age of maximizing our resources for a better self and community, the internet is allowing information for improvements and ‘how-to-do’s’ more than ever.

I would like to introduce Richart Sowa: (Round of applause)





Me_DULL-Character3               Me_DULL-Character1



Where Will your Deity Live in a Digital World?

Pretty off the wall topic – largely this entire blogazine is – but moving closer and closer into the waters of technological dominance, will there be any room for the natural scenes that we all can agree on that was not put here but us – The natural environment.

I fear the future cities of the world, will have on and off switches. Like majority of the devices and tools that we use today are equipped with. Much like the tools and services that make for our computerized needs, these things are all digital based, operating through networks, servers, and internet access.

So, where will the deities live in a digital world? Our own version of wireless transmission signals and fiber-optic cables.


The Writer’s Wagon: Torri Domfree – “Speech of Domfree” Dance, Dance, Deity

The dance club is known all throughout the town. The vibes, the festivities, the spirits, but more importantly, the sound of the music. Funk, jazz, soul, blues, Afro-beat, Latin-soul, hip-hop, alternative, disco, reggae, the club is a cornucopia of characters, their talents, sadness, and the soul of expressing their emotions.

Throughout my walks in front of this establishment, I have been drawn to it’s presence of the music scene. Mix this with an impressive cast of characters, from the delivery driver of the daily mailroom, to that lady, that dude standing right over there, the scene is loaded with toe-tapping tango teams to butterfly bouncing, backstroking boppers.

What really hurts to hear, see or read about, is that people are there for an amazing time, to dance, chit-chat, enjoy the weekend scene of letting it all out, but the D.J. debate always makes it’s way onto the dance floor. Some may enjoy this fashion of argument over which DJ is ruler of the floor, but why even have that issue when everyone wants to vibe out and jam to the music – the sheer notion of dancing to the common bond of music and energy?


I doubt this is pushing the envelope. Until next week.


Novel Nugget #1: Writing Spawns MORE Writing

Working through this writing challenge has been pretty steady so far. What I have learned from the past eight days of writing, is that writing spawns more writing. I just REALLY dislike when I am writing out an idea, and a side tangent, or argument, or new direction is available, and I forget it while trying to finish up the original thought in process.

Here is a slice from what I have thus far:


Existence Outside of The [mmK]: 2 Reasons Why I am WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! (2 Theories) – BRING PLUTO BACK!

HOLY SNAPPLE! What if I have this theory of Sun and Earth all wrong?!!!!! What if Earth and Sun are merely brother and sister – along with the other planets that spiral around the sun?

Here is the new idea: Earth, Sun and the other planets of this solar system are brothers and sisters – not like a marriage partnership. How could this be? Could this work? What roles could these planets play? Which planets are the brothers and which are the sisters? – The Males and the Females?

Sticking with our main characters – Sun and Earth – inside of this universe, what role would this match up within the solar system? The Sun is the energy…. (Lost my train of thought)




What if the sun is merely the umbilical cord of this solar system? And all of the planets feed from the energy that is connected to the maternal womb of the universe? We have life and energy that is center to all things possible from the sun, and the energy that is harboring this life of our galaxy in the larger area of the universe (the LARGER aspect area holding the NUMERIOUS galaxies of the universe) is just another aspect of the womb that is holding all of this together.

So, could it be, that THE D.U.D.E. (Developer of Universal Destiny and Existence) is the author of not only the bang of our solar systematic pregnancy, but of all the cosmic galaxies and universes that span all throughout the visible and invisible universe? And, just like fathers to their sons, other big bangs and wombs meet – happening through some form of attractive operation (like how humans come together when they want to combine their DNA together for the making of a child), making more smaller, more intimate galaxies and cosmic solar systems of operation – just like our corner of this solar system inside our Milky Way galaxy. —

In short, the sun of our solar system is an extension of the womb of maternal life. The planets, that have no choice but to revolve around this energy feeder, are the children to this solar system and the “Big Bang D.U.D.E.” that started this existence / evolution / growth from birth of our solar system’ existence. The planets that make up our solar system are brother and sister – but how would we be able to determine the sex of each? Since Earth has the only life sustaining inner operation of making MORE life, could we universally say that, “Earth, is in fact female?”

As far as the other planets are concerned, could we say that they are all males? Only acting as an influence towards Earth, and how things within her inner operations (seasons, ocean patterns, etc.) function – Example: The moon affects the tides of the oceans. Do the other celestial planet’s represent something to Earth’s inner operation – like the development of a specific animal, it’s traits, characteristics, etc. just like the human being?

There are 8 planets in our immediate solar system. 1 energy source – “The Sun” – powered by energy from outside of our solar system. The only sister of the solar system, Earth. Could it be, that ALL Earthlings and animals of the planet, are half Earth, half another planet? Or maybe, 33% Earth, 33% one planet, and 33% another planet? OR, 25% Earth, 25% percent of three other planets?

What about the planet Pluto and it’s operative existence around this system. Should we bring Pluto back onto the roster again? Pluto could be a factor in the operation of this theory’s understanding to how humans of Earth are born from the existence and influence of the planets around them while on Earth.





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WHO CARES what your religion is
WHO CARES what your race is
WHO CARES what your region is
WHO CARES what your relation is

IF you enjoy creating because that is what your heart and mind and SOUL! are craving for you to do, then by all means, remain peaceful, remain yourself, and create what your mind has to offer the world.

Earth is our home.
She creates everyday, giving so much, and we take SO much (i do to)

But, look at the Big picture here – we are all creator’s, consumers, and producers.



Praise your existence, praise your talent, share your love.

-N.N. Team

(Bob Marley and the Wailers- Satisfy My Soul)

Tell Me Baby, What’s Your Story? (An Outline)

Tell Me Baby “What’s Your Story?”
Inspired by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

For Our Continued Readers, and the newly aboard:

We present you with the outline of NAME’s beginning.

Kingdom Sun – NAME News – Creative University of Earthlings

Part / Lap 1: In the garage (blindly wanting to change the world*, with having only (partial) Christian understanding, then exploring other religious cults to find one to ‘join’ into – which failed

Part / Lap 2: On pit road (Seeing the world in a different perspective – through the lenses of other religions, since they all are a part of similar foundations, principals, and ideologies)

Part / Lap 3: green Flag (Wanting to unite the humans within America, no matter their race, region, and religious preference)

Part / Lap 4: Yellow Flag (Confusion and the Subliminal Road of the Checker)

Part / Lap 5: Continuing the Chase for the Dream*

[NAME]: Humanitarian Papers

HP is our new approach to supplying our stations news feeds and stories. You can view below at the article titles for HP of this week.

Paper Scatter

1. Letter to the ‘Reader’

2. Science Voyages in a Religious Paradigm…gious-paradigm/

3. Small Areas of History That Fuels My Spirit for a Better Tomorrow

4. Living in a Solar Sanctuary

5. Can Modern Religions Survive in a Cosmic Society?

6. Letter to the National Endowment for the Humanities

7. Creative University Earthlings Philosophers Find Religious Element within All Religions…-all-religions/

8. The Religion That I Want

9. [mmK] and the Planet Earth

10. CUE Philosophy / Theology Department: The Creation of Creation

11. Mother Earth: “The Mechaneu Project”…chaneu-project/

12. Mankind’s Next Evolutionary Phase: Earthly Creations for Innovative Sharing…utionary-phase/

NAME News.

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