#C.U.E. – Lords of Liberty

Creative University of Earthlings

February 24, 2014

Matthew Johnson


Lords of Liberty


Who are these dudes and dudettes?

The Lords of Liberty are that force that knows before it knows. They have tabs of knowledge and the science that slowly mastered our lives within this cosmic planet. The ultimate Lords.

The do their thing as they see fit, to rule and reign over the lives of many, not because they want to, but because they have to.

It is a tough j.o.b. and many may not being to handle the pen of authority, but someone has to write his-story.

Thank you Creator of existence for the invite to this cosmic planet of existence, surrounded with nature, her beauty, and her expertise of artistry, imitated by man-made things under the light of wireless energy, love, and understanding.

Bless my brothers and sisters of this planet, and the Lords of Liberty (Creative assistants) that follow in your cosmic blueprints and spreadsheets.


One Love, One planet.