The Battle of the Spirit(s) Part -1

WHATUP, Earthlings? IF you do / will not read this in its entirety, could you at LEAST help a brother out with a couple of life questions that I have?:

1. As the planet becomes more “accepting” to this shift of color barriers, does this mean that we are rising intellectually and spiritually as well?

2. How can a person without a spiritual doctrine handle himself if he does not have one?

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We humans have religions that beef among each other, we have ladies and dudes who read cards, warming crystals, meditations with candles and scents, all to help humans who are “spiritually lost” or “spiritually disoriented”, and if one these works for you, hats off to you and your practice. Hats off to your soulful dedication. That is what makes a religious practice, a religious thing, right? (Or am I wrong?)

I personally have fallen out of the various “practices” that rule and regulate this planet, because nothing has resonated within my soul and spirit like your practice does for you.

I may write a few things here and there, about Earth, the environment, the human condition, and our cults that makes the culture what it is, but how can these critiques help me further along as a simple dude trying to make it in this man-made Kingdom?

Being a raised bible belt baby, to *NOW* actually taking a look around the planet at the billions of humans that make this place so, we are lacking sight and vision. Harmony. Understanding.

Will it always be this way? Maybe? Maybe not? But, there would have to be something SO MAJOR within the cultural paradigm that we live within, it would have no choice but to re-build the human condition of what it means to be a human in this planet’s condition.

I am not bashing anyone’s practices for a better way to live and have that connection to the higher power, in fact, I wish I had that.

Everyone has their thing that makes them want to be a better person, and it seems EVERY [EXPLICIT] HUMAN on this planet is in accordance with this rule of how to be “this”, “that” and being able to simply “do.”

All throughout history, it has followed the human condition, but yet, we have not risen out of this stagnant phase of blocking the higher perception of life.

I look at your religions, your rituals, your meditations, your everything you do for spiritual practice – as a vehicle. How many makes, models, and types roam throughout your land of occupancy?

HUH? How Many? I dare to say at LEAST 10. But, if they all are getting you from “A” to “B” to “C” to “D” to “E”, Alllllllll the way back to “A” again, isn’t that the main purpose? Driving safely within the commute of fellow machine operators? (Safety first, right?)

We function and operate differently, but, with this ‘code of conduct’ following the land, we’re all [EXPLICIT] washed out and trained to hate each other.

I do not like the current paradigm of our human condition.


*damn, this felt quite nice to just type out.

(I doubt the 4 couples who seen me who were of *mixed* ethnicity’s will read this, but I do not give a flying fa-loffle about that, I applaud your efforts for BREAKING that mold of how “the rules” have said that only race A can be with race A, matching with every other letter throughout the English alphabet. If they make you happy, and you are not harming another human being in the process, fair love, right?)


[Image] A Worldwide S.o.S.


“Welcome Nations to the Lunch Buffet. For today’s course of menu, we will have a wonderful spread of vegetables, exotic cuisines, macaroni and cheese, wine, all the fixings, so COME ON, let’s eat, laugh, and repeat. Talk and be merry. Share. Debate. Discuss problems and find solutions.”

“No one gives a ****. “

“The tools for improving the way of life for humans all over this planet in divine fashion will not be made mainstream.” “Unless you can fund it yourself.”

There are some days I despise logging onto WordPress simply because when I do, I am greeted by negative and recycled stories of how this country is doing this to that country, the money factor, gas, resources, invading, weapons are sitting here, people are sick here and there, race and disputes are rising, what the frack?

If you can see, or notice within the bottom of the picture, you see several country flag colors, wrapped around a log of excrement. This is my view of today’s world. We have amazing countries, doing their thing, but we are shitting on societies. Shitting on our cultures. Shitting on what it means to live in this moment of existence.

Countries shitting on their neighbors, in crazy ways and fashions. For what? Is THIS this divine heavenly planet that we are creating? Are we going in circles, again, destroying one culture in order to “create” another?

I guess everyone has grown to accept it.

Welcome to the [mmK].


WHO CARES what your religion is
WHO CARES what your race is
WHO CARES what your region is
WHO CARES what your relation is

IF you enjoy creating because that is what your heart and mind and SOUL! are craving for you to do, then by all means, remain peaceful, remain yourself, and create what your mind has to offer the world.

Earth is our home.
She creates everyday, giving so much, and we take SO much (i do to)

But, look at the Big picture here – we are all creator’s, consumers, and producers.



Praise your existence, praise your talent, share your love.

-N.N. Team

(Bob Marley and the Wailers- Satisfy My Soul)

The UGLY Paradigm

Copy of Ugly2

The UGLY Paradigm

I am a human being of the planet Earth.

It seems to me, within my own universe of understanding of my mind, I was given opposite information of the spiritual world that is around me.

I grew up a religious kid, being from the ‘bible belt’ region of the United States, and was always told that the devil runs everything. From A to Z. Once I started asking questions that were apart of the planets way of interaction, the traits that humans were born into and how we are set out within this world.

It was then I slowly started to understand the natural world for the true operations of the planet – BEFORE the stamping of religions on this planet, which seems to do a superb job of creating hate and turmoil amongst human beings who actually are all the same. Our colors may be different, your region may be opposite of others, and your deity title may be different, but they all are the same. All open to changes, innovations, and deeper understandings. (Your Ipod may be white, green, or blue, but it is still an Ipod, right?)

The Ugly Paradigm. We have a culture* that is set in the ways of the opposite operations of the religious *(the Devils of society) and follow the flow of the natural, but on the other hand, we have rule books that tell humans how to live in accordance to their respected deities (The religious of society) and go against the flow of the natural.

Religion has helped many people become better spiritual beings, but in deep insights of the world seem to be lost in the following of how to live in accordance to the sciences of discovering their respected deities. From this, I mean that all religions are the same, they worship, they hold ceremonies, and all acknowledge that our world was created, and YES it was, A VERY LONG TIME AGO! Now, ALL humans are the “chosen” inherited beings to hold this planet into accordance of the creators changing plans to the family business (e.g. Earth in the unison of the Sun and stars).

The world has become FAR more advanced than the original writers of these ancient books, and I bet that if this social culture was imitated in another later civilizations’ generational culture, this (present) way of life will be outdated in terms of their current cultural and generational paradigm (New sciences, ideals, ways of life, etc).

I hold the worldview that our world was created (big bang), but now, it is our responsibility as a human collective to understand this planet and maintain the land to the best of our physical, mental, and spiritual knowledge for a brighter, stronger, united planet. The religions of our land need to be re-configured in accordance to this modern kingdom (Earth) that their DEITIES created, for a far more enlightening understanding to what it means to be a child of their deity (god, yahweh, jah, allah, etc.)

Religion gives humans a personal connection with their deity in the ways of the energy (that is Universal for ALL living things on this planet – The Sunlight) and the sciences gives humans the actual facts to back up the blueprints of these deities operation – the physical makeup of what is making this planet what it is.

Both subjects can bring instruction (religion) AND meaning (science) to the human mind.

Kingdom Sun. Name News. (originally posted) April 30, 2013.

Science: Religions Father?

Senator Al Gore wrote a terrific novel (which I am still within the beginning phases of reading it) entitled, “Earth in the Balance”. The following ideas are drawn from his words, his insights, and his long devotion to understanding our planet and its environmental struggle from within.

Science: Deistical Dudes, I have something to tell you.
Deistical Dudes: (all together) What is it, science?
Science: I…. Am….. your Father.

HEY……. humans who do not know how to get along within this physically finite planet, I am NAME’s favorite booger, Matthew Johnson.

So, I have begun a reading challenge, and ‘Earth In The Balance’ is one of them.

As I began the first few pages, reading within my mind as Al Gore’s voice plays reads the words, it dawned on me, that humans are the inventors of the understanding to our world. (The Science)

Science is worldwide, just like its fellow family member, religion. These two play, debate, discuss, and decipher the building blocks of humanity in constructive ways – some more than others.

While reading this, i could NOT help myself to think back when I was trying to PURSUE THAT ARTISTIC CAREER, and learning and loving the shared relationship of the two, (science and religion). Now after thinking about this idea of the spawning of subjects, is science the father to religions?

All lands within this planet (of modern developing technologies) have the resources and capabilities of researching new platforms of scientific revelations and discoveries to better understand our ways and operations of this existence (on Earth in this galaxy).

[In theory, making the identity of a presence higher than us, valid – with other forms and fashions of divine scientific systems]

But, with science as the Earth’s manual for it’s operation system, no matter WHO or WHERE you are on this planet, racially, regionally and MOST IMPORTANTLY religiously, science (to me) seems to be OUR sunlight watching over, providing heat, energy, and information to our man-made Kingdom.

(This kind of works with the idea that the Deistical Dudes are all living in the Sun – – and if so, the spread of light and energy equals science involving and engaging all lands just the same – for the continuous evolution of our world, culture, society, and human enterprise under the man-made Kingdom umbrella we call, ‘Reality’.