The App Break Review: Durga V.S. Asuras

Are you an Android App gamer? Do you enjoy playing amazing high score adventure games via your Android device when you have time? Do you HAVE TO have the high score among your inner circle? Well, haha, YOU should check out the AMAZING RPG App ‘Durga vs Asuras’! An amazing Android app, which you can find here:

A continuous flowing map of adventure, you play as Durga, who collects coins, health, and perks as she runs through the map and Asuras.

Try it out, its fun, fantastic, and free! (Unless you do want to support it, then do your thing)

Developing Crew: geeksandninjas


Hyper-Hypothesis: (Imagination) Paging Higher Channels

If someone blocks you from thinking, imagining, being optimistic, pushing negativity towards you, remaining curious about a subject (especially if you are ULTRA- Passionate about it), or down right opposite of how you FEEL – leave them be, Please.

Think about this – what if the imagination IS the way to focusing on the deities, the truth of existence, the overall manners of how we flow and vibe?

It could be.

A lot of the machines, technologies, and ways of life that surround you required some TYPE of imagination to bring into existence.

We all have this power, this trait, this DIVINE extension telephone number to the spirit of our existence.

If ever in question, please call 1-900-IMA-GINE. Again, that is

Creative controllers and assistants are standing by to aid your calls in the proper channels for imaginative insights and inquiries.

C.U.E. Art Department Special Offer

C.U.E. Art Department Special Offer

Creative University of Earthling
Arts Dept.

February 24, 2014

Dear Earthling Parents with Earthling Children,

We here at CUE know how hard it is to get your child to be more excited about learning and education, especially while at home around the various distractions that are youth face.

With this free promotional offer, we are inviting YOU to get Bugged!

The characters of the English alphabet have been created into these animated insects of the Kingdom Sun world, for getting your child more interested and excited about wanting to learn, and have fun with you in the process.

Here are a few ideas we have put together for the art of adventure for the whole family to enjoy:

The Bug Catcher:** Simply place the bugs around the home, in various places, and have the child find, write the bug down, and think of 3* words that this bugs letter begins with.

Mix and Match:** Place letter along a wall and try to see how words can made using the letters on the wall.

Letter Labeling:** Have the bugs placed on items that begin with or have an association with the bugs letter. (For example, the ‘telephone’ would have the bug letter “T” on it)

Vowel Pal:** Make a list of words that require vowels to found and placed for completion. (TR_ _ N [train]

Mumbo Jumbo: ** You have your child lay out the first 8* letters they can find, and write out how many words they can make within 15* seconds just using these 8* selected cards.

If able, use the team factor with searching for words, or try adults versus the kids approach for an intense competition of family fun and learning.

The Links for printable download are listed below.

We hope you can enjoy these family learning adventures, or even create your own.


*All numbers and variables depend on your household and the current level of learning your child has adapted thus far.
**Remember, every child is different, and some adult guidance and supervision may be used in order for games to be ran and enjoyed smoothly.