A Poem: Rookie Card

Rookie Card

Whatever your hustle, whatever your plan, I hope you succeed, whether you’re woman or man.

That is all I have to say here.

The Creator is a Botanist


MY FELLOW HUMANS! We have got to stop the delaying of evolution of Earth, while ON Earth. We are holding up a beautiful progress, like a flower trying to bloom from its bud, but say some tree sap fell on it and working as a sticky tack around the bud. It is making the sprouting and evolution sequence extremely hard for that flower to blossom.

For all of the folks out around this beautiful planet, I present to you a thought – an O.H.A.I.D. official brain bath idea.

Image“The Creator is a Botanist”
(No matter your religion)

Using the flower example from above, Earth to me seems to be in this sap of some form of mentality that we are not bigger, stronger, more powerful than what we seem to be. Which is not true, the human (as we all know) is a supreme creature of intelligence and innovation through knowledge of materials. The culture seems to be on the road into positive avenues that are destined for us to manifest into our world, but we are not there fully, mentally and spiritually as a global society of human animals, working together through our awesome means of technology and inventions.

Earth is like a living, fully functional plant – a big, blue, green, and white plant of mechanics. Humans being just one section of this operation, our physical means for the planet are to intake oxygen and release CO2 into the air, back to the plants and trees that provide us the oxygen. Now, as all of this going on, I thought that without a source, without a way of energy to be constant in full operation, none of this could have ever been possible. I am talking about the Creator’s Heating Lamp – Miss Sunshine.

Without the ball of Supreme energy in the universe, this existence would have never been what it is. With the heating lamp in the sky overhead, in its measured times of the day, her heat, energy, and light makes it possible for the creator’s medicine plant (the mechanical Earth) to continuously evolve and change over time with every revolution around the Sun. So, what we have here then, is an science experiment in progress, as we live everyday of our existence, created by The Creator, with the aid of his Handy helper, our light after night, Miss Sunshine, the Heating lamp in the sky.

If we are all apart of this experiment together (and we are), living in the creators experiment under the beautiful heating lamp (Miss Sunshine), this says to me that the human collective is no more than a family that is spread all over the globe, all working within this operation experiment for the creator. Through our scientific endeavors and achievements, we now are in control of this planet – running this operation in the direction that we want to take it (whether positive for all, or negatively for all), we humans are determining our own road into future. WE have inherited this soil from billions and billions of years of ancestral lineage.

From the religious perspective, we all share the same energy that gives us power and glory. Our needs and supplies were made possible through the creator’s experiment. With the light of Miss Sunshine forever in our presence, this is made possible for EVERYONE – no matter their religion – to be in one mindset collectively with our planet, our universe, and each other. Our lives are all unique, but with this experiment in constant operation (WHICH we are apart of) every human being i required to find their way, their passion under the light, and shine this passion on this planet for a better tomorrow, for your creator.

Unclogging Drains and Scientific Curiosity

Unclogging Drains and Scientific Curiosity

Interesting Story out of Florida.

Kiera Wilmot – High school student, bright scholar, and no prior conflicts of disruption (other than this experimental situation), is now this generations first “Academic Scientific Pioneer”.
As the rest of the world goes on to debate whether or not this situation is a matter of vandalism, chaos, or reckless motive, this society can now open the scientific doors of knowledge and curiosity for being applied in the actual area where this behavior is really designed and marketed to have take place – on the grounds of the learning facility known as “school”. The curiosity of science, practice and wonder should begin in the classroom of learning, and applied in and outside of it, not the other way around (taking ideas from home, then experimenting with the idea in the classroom without supervision. Regardless of the experiment, location of the experiment, materials for experiments, and overall experiment in general, supervision should be applied for all scientific endeavors – safety first)
There are many wonders and questions that can arise from this ASP student’s “independent study”; I just wonder how our society will take it, on the grounds of wonder, curiosity, and applying knowledge to a subject.
The criminal charges I am really unsure about, all in the light of fire alarm pullers and phone-call threats to an institution. I am not sure how things are working today, but when I was in High school, if a person made a “call” or pulled an alarm, the resource official was always involved. Then from here I imagine that police and city members are involved. As for campus regulations and safety satire code of the high school, the lack of supervision and element of uncertainty (IF the bottle would have became a projectile, bursting and harming the associate with Miss Wilmot or herself) was detrimental and high for being unsupervised, and the expulsion program is fair.
I am interested to see how America academic institutions view this. Is this a matter of crying for help from students that want to explore and seek out detailed analysis from actual practice of scientific curiosity? Are new roads going to be paved with brighter techniques for student collaborations for more physical means of understanding the sciences better? Or does this red flag our progress into creative ways to evolve the instruction of scientific wonder? (I hope not)