NAME Blogazine: 8 “I’m Hungry”

I begin this blogazine with the following quotes:

I Love You, and you cannot stop me from doing that

My second quote, comes from an extremely talented, gifted and passionate artist, “Ash”,

I don’t grind for better… I grind for purpose


The New Bloos:  Jazz Men and Backdrop


“Life is like playing a piano. Anyone can attempt to play the Eb’s and Iv’s, mashing random vertebrate together to conjure up sounds and noise. But, your true masters and masseurs of the black and white spine, who take time to learn the placements of sounds, their functions within this spine, their counters, balances, all of the ingredients that makes an amazing jazz pianist, a BOSS from the audience standpoint, are simply outstanding.


How can this be applied to life of our everyday fashions? Well, we have hundreds of thousands of  talented individuals that have focused on their specific traits, tasks, insights, interests, motivations, and pushed on to become the best at what they do.


This is obvious. Look at the greats throughout history. From Sports, to Technology, Mathematics to Astrology, these individuals have carried throughout their existence what it means to push through adversity, through all the doubts, to become the best that they can be.


How can this be applied to the common man. such as you and myself? Yea, we all can dream, but it takes the ‘Do’ to make your actions visual. Maybe, perhaps, the area of focus and instruction over the generation is lacking. If role models are truly impacting future leaders and role models, should we turn around what it looks like to be something positive for another individual?


A role model that has aced their career endeavors and exams to become that dominant, insightful leader within their enterprise.


This is all hog-wash.”


Spouse Voucher 4 Him (2) Spouse Voucher 4 Her (2)


For the Lover in you (Download and present to your amazing companion. “They’re worth it”


Typing like a Jazz Pianist

**Warning, A few Curse Words**


















The Infinity of Systems: Life is always developing and evolving. 



There are several ways to interpret this piece. Let me lay them out for you.

1. I was not fond ‘Autumn’ being called ‘fall’.

2. I am nervous with numbers, so, if you subtract 1 from 8, there you have it.

3. My emotions operate like the seasons. (multiple personalities from anger to passion to superior love)

4. A (car) battery has two ends of operation, but, without one, there is no ‘other’.

I was recently blessed with motivation, and I have not FULLY put effort in this work, and that is all my fault. But, what I can tell and share with you is this, ‘I CAN NOT STOP’. I do not know what is going to happen with this blog – for my reader, I truly thank you for working with me and staying patient, consistent, and engaged with our efforts. We are learning as we go, and the applications, although hard at times, are being put into operation.

This motivation has come from a near dear friend from Pennsylvania, and this motivation was shared with me, that spark my true inner voice, that spark of motivation that could inspire you.


So here we are. Just a bit of an introduction of to what I am going to begin with. Consider this blogazine, your appetizer.


I hope you are well – my reader – and please, enjoy your weekend.


You are awesome.



Intro still photo


Replogle: “Earth is Yours”



Boppin’ Down the Boulevard:  “Jazz Poetry”


We         are

      hand-in-hand       strolling

  along     the      side-walk        

To-your-porch      be-cause       your

Parents         real-ly-do-not-like-me

      being        around.


  You         enjoy         the             com-pan-ny

Of       us        hand-in-hand    bopping     down

            Your street.
Pull      me       closer.    Let        me

     blanket           your       chills.         3000

Hops      to      your     porch,

A kiss to seal the deal.





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