Blogazine: “She’s Going the Distance” – Front Cover

She's Going the Distance


**Warning – is very key that you follow your local / regional traffic laws. Track driving, street driving and solar driving are three different and very complex additions to moving and transporting. Please, drive safely and cautiously at your own risk**

I simply missed blogging like this, so, I wanted to try this approach again.

Creator Motor Speedway: Whoever Your God, The Creator’s Track Never Closes

WELCOME, speedway Kings and Queens to another cosmic competitive competition, I am your host, Frank “Chubbs” Fann, alongside my co-host and 41 time solar system racer enthusiast, Ralph Smucker.

We are here, Live, at the Solar System Speedway, where our reigning champion, undefeated mother of billions, attempts to break yet another record to extend to her winnings, her worth, and her wallet, all being led by her coach, owner, track founder, and team CEO – the big guy himself – (Insert your Deity here).

This is going to be an interesting match-up today, it seems, Team Earth has a new pit crew enforced by over 7.8 billion humans that work to keep her running in tip-top shape every single chance they can get, Ralph.

You are absolutely right, Frank. Earth and her coach has developed this strategy that consists of continuing their positive spirit of working smarter, through working their ideas harder. Every single human being that is inducted into Team Earth’s pit crew and team section has a very special position that caters to the efforts of Earth’s winning streak. Their coach is fierce, but also one that let’s Earth calls the plays as she needs to while on the raceway, I mean, she is the one on the track dueling it out with the various competition, am I right, Ralph?

Yes, you are, Frank. You can find Team Earth practicing, even after the track closes, when the stands are empty, no lights, no nothing are in operation. Her team and crew are out on the track working hard, bring and setting up their own lights, their own machines and devices to test just how fast, how quick, how efficient she is running each and every lap possible. Testing her high end acceleration, to cornering, braking, shifting in the appropriate areas, and energy management through the various climates and track conditions – 24:7:365 a year.

Wow, this team REALLY puts in the effort, huh, Ralph?

Yes they do, Frank. They have to. In order to maintain this type of winning streak and effort of such a high caliber franchise, efforts of working smarter while working their ideas harder is just the tip of what makes these cosmic champions the powerhouses that they are today.

Alright, thank you, Ralph. Now, as the teams line up on pit road, we will be right back after this word from our sponsors…

Are you Pregnant with Greatness?

Do you feel that you are awesome, even when no one else is around?

Did you ever have an idea for a product, to only brush it off, and then discover some time later, your idea that was ‘brushed off’ was “swept up” to make someone else, millions?

Have you found yourself planning for things that seems so far in left field, you laughed out loud to yourself and even had strange looks from others that thought you were crazy?

Don’t you worry, you awesome human. You can consider these ‘mental kicks of inspiration’ from the greatness within you. Once an idea REALLY does decide that it is time for delivery, breath deep, find your happy place, and do work to make it happen.

If ideas had an ultra-sound, what would this reality appear like to you? Until you birth your ideas, you will be forever pregnant with greatness.


‘Flex on the Apex’, Team Earth

“She is always hugging the corning of perfection.”

Divine Creation (Worldwide) vs Man’s Creation (Regional)

Man did not “create” the Earth, obviously. But, man did “create” how to view and perceive it. If you are not open to understanding the natural ways we are intertwined within this natural planet, the Universe, and each other, then I pray for your mind and your heart.”

Stop Limiting gods, you Wankers

EVERYONE is on this idea of the maker of the universe, and that is awesome to me, we are thinking about the foundations and cultural paradigms that have become so stagnant and BORING within this society. (Change is positive…. if for all who reside here on Earth)

If aliens DO exists within this universe, What does that mean for the ideals and the cultural shaping of our world as a whole in regards to creators and deities? (You limit that “creation” of the very deity you are praising)

These Deistical roles we have established for the control of man could be in a position to enhance? our existence as a planet – being one large family within the womb of this solar system.

Why limit such a power to these Deistical roles? Huh? Are we worried that the very fabric of these ideas would ruin a planet’s overall outlook? Of course not, well not for me anyways. I think there is more to this foundation of Earth within the Universe than man has YET to unfold and figure out.

Besides, that is the number one goal and objective for many that occupy an established role here in the mmK, to find out the answers and discoveries to life and this planet’s most intriguing mysteries.

Stop limiting imagination of the world, and let us “Creatively” find the next role and evolutionary idea for our entire planet’s sake.

Would YOU Board my Spaceship of Spirituality?

I mean it, would you, your family, your animals, etc,  board my spaceship of spirituality?

No matter WHAT or WHO your deity representative may be, we will ride and slide throughout this universe, observing the ways of life, the facts and figures that make up this existence in the black void we call Universe. We would leave Earth in exploration, discovery and adventure to find the newest planets, the brightest stars, and open the eyes of many of the universe that has never been thought of called existence like this within this lifetime.

Cruising around the solar system we are apart of, we would set out to adventure the stars, the planets, and the other galaxies that make up this existence in the beautiful light that is Father Sun. Yes, we will be leaving mother Earth for a few months, but we will be back. To be a part of the Universal heavens, looking around at what our magnificent Creator of existence has laid out through the building blocks of evolution, we will share, together, in this experience to be a witness to the cosmic world that cradles our existence.

Consider this as the family cruise of the Creators back closet.

S.C.A.T. – Supreme Creator of Artistic Technology

Creative University of Earthlings

February 24, 2014

Matthew Johnson


S.C.A.T.  – Supreme Creator of Artistic Technology


Welcome to Earth, you divine Earthling sculptures of solar artistic creativity. I am your cosmic classmate, Matthew Johnson, here with my paper introductory response about the supreme source of creativity, the S.C.A.T. Ruling and reigning over our lives, our atmosphere, and existence that makes this physically finite planet just what we have made it out to be.


Shouldn’t we praise the SCAT of being able to be alive on this planet and being able to have and understand this existence under the stars of cosmic governing? I believe so. From all walks of life that cover this planet. We all share in that creativity, that one energy of love.


Every Earthling of Earth is like a new technological device for the planet when they are born. For electronics, they all are made up of the same components, for that specific model, but the ways and operation of what we Earthlings can do with this device varies on the person using it. We humans are all artistic devices for the Creator, and we should find what it is what we are designed to do as a cosmically divine piece of artistic technology.









PRAISE the Creators of this planet!

PRAISE the hairs and the fingers and the toes of this planet that bred these Creator’s (Mother Earths genes).


But more importantly, PRAISE THEIR MIND, Praise the creative juices that they share in the union that sparks their creative drive, passion, and determination.


Praise the fact that they do not give a HOT – HAM about what the critics may say, but they create anyway, like a hater towards the Creator. The World, the galaxy, and the Universe continues to spin, no matter what the fuck we are doing, thinking, and trying to create, the creation is what is at stake – no mistake. 


Praise the Creator of this Existence.