#C.U.E – Religion: Congregating or Separating?

Creative University of Earthlings
February 24, 2014
Matthew Johnson
Religion – Congregating or Separating?
My generation is living in the age of information and technology, a vast and rapid movement of how we see, use, utilize, maximize, conserve, and sustain this planet that we all share, no matter where one may travel to.
I ask of you, Lords of Liberty, to look at this planet a bit differently, out of the confined boxes and cubes that have shaped this planet for many centuries that has separated my brothers from brothers and sisters from sisters.
Some of us do not see the need to be money hungry, wasteful, and to be animals of destruction on a divine planet that is forever flourishing for our own sake – mentally, physically and spiritually.
We battle over deities that await us once our spirit have progressed within whatever realm our spirit dwells in when it is no longer roaming and creating on this planet. But, if this realm does exist, all of us earthlings will be dwelling in the same area (just as Earth) when – or if – this happens in the act of afterlife, “on Earth, as it is in Heaven” right?
So, my Dear Lords of Liberty, I say to you, Earthlings of this planet are all brothers and sisters of divine inbreeding, an act that only means that no matter where we are, we are all divinely connected, through blood, through spirit, and through cosmic properties that were here before we even thought of these ideals of dudes that reign over lives in their respected regions.
We need something, a meeting, a conference, an international conference call of Spiritual Sponsors of the Divine, who believe in the creation of this planet. We can all it, The Spiritual Summit, minds to understand ourselves, our situation, and our background regarding this planet and the divine existence that rules this cosmic show as a whole.
No matter your race, region, religion, or relation, we all share in the creative gift that created this existence, and we should no longer separate ourselves for this idea.
Creator bless you all, my cosmic interplanetary brothers and sisters.