Notes from Planet Baukachew





Day 1 of cosmic exploration:

Time: unknown

Location: Plant Baukachew

Destination: Center of the Universe (The Milky Way)

The preparation for this journey has been underway for the past 2 months. Our current generation of Baukans have been excellent on the spread of technology for traveling this solar system. Now their greatest test of all time will be to send our best Baukans to the Center of the universe. 

Our ancient ancestors have always wanted to venture out into this world known as the Milky Way, where it is said that another foreign species has made their stamp on this planet called Earth. 

The quest to get there will be one of extreme measures. My team and I are well aware of this new land, and what potential dangers we may face.

Group meeting soon, minutes, training, test 5, shower, study, sleep.


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