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A Poem: Rookie Card

Rookie Card

Whatever your hustle, whatever your plan, I hope you succeed, whether you’re woman or man.

That is all I have to say here.

NAME Blogazine: Homelessness Can Be Defeated

Can I… Can I freestyle a lil bit?






Yo, I’m writing this Blogazine spiritually confused. In all honesty, I love writing, I do, I have a sincere 2nd place appreciation for it – behind drawing – and I have lost me Mojo (cue Austin Powers theme music).

This afternoon, I ran into a quote.

My company / blog / Studio was founded on the positive idea of God – not sure which Creator – but, I found truth, love, respect, love, spiritual appreciation for all peoples, and love throughout humanity in a very, Very, VERY unconventional way. I feel at odds about it, sadly, but, I will FIND my way to help others again. I know I will.


IF you have suggestions, please, leave ya boi a line or two, or twenty. I’ll greatly appreciate it.


Stay tuned, and read about how I found Earth’s Rookie Card. Crazy stuff to be read, but meaningful in its context.

With that said, We welcome, Frank, to the keyboard!


Evening, everyone, I am Frank, backstage writer here for the Blogazine. I introduce to you, our ‘Bland’ (blogging band) for this evening. On the home row keys, Tyrone Dawkins , on backspace, Cliff Myers , and our paragraphing papa on the space bar, Douglas ‘Thumbs’ Jenkins. We begin this evening with a story that takes Douglas back to this academic days, entitled, “Blowing out my Jeans Before Third Period”

Joe comics-1

Check out THE Ultimate hustler’s webpage: joewriteshiswrongs@wordpress.com 

Also, before you continue on, this dude is heavily talented, motivated, and has been a REGULAR writer to our office via penpal, and I must say, this dude is going to be a HUGE influence on the future. He is not alone, I am sure, but speaking on a personal level, this fellow has made strides in improvement, innovation, and inspiration.

“You’re awesome, Joe, keep doing your thing.”

Blowing out my Jeans before 3rd Period

Dear Instructor, who worked with me as I sat in my desk after blowing out my school clothes,


I hope the future is working for you and your family well. As for those jeans, that is another story. It was my fault that my stomach hurt so bad that cool October morning. I was hesitating on making my way out the door, and rushed at the last minute to get dressed, so, this process carried over into my morning plan.


I am not sure if you remember those Jimmy Dean sausage biscuits that you could microwave at home and have to eat on the way out, but that is what I had. No, no sir/ma’am. It was not the dual packaged sausage biscuits, no ma’am. It was the single, individually wrapped jumbo sized, big boy biscuit. Ahh, yes. That was, in a way, a motivation to start the day – sad, I know, but hey, don’t make that face at me.


Alright, so making these things requires some work. You have to preheat, then heat, then remove the bread – to ensure that you do not ‘turn it’ (make it hard) – to cook the sausage by itself. THEN, you are ready to eat, after about a 4-6 minute process – depending on the brand of the microwave.


But, my dear, compassionate instructor, I did not follow those instructions this particular morning. No ma’am / sir. See, what I think was the issue that morning, is that the actual sausage was not cooked all the way through, or something of that nature.


Side note: You ever cook something and you have the style of taste of what it ‘should’ taste like, and you never question it’s authenticity because it tastes as it should? Well, that was not situation that morning.


(But, I ate it anyways)


It still had a slight hint of ‘freezer’ aroma within a small area while I was racing to consuming this big boy biscuit during mid-chew. I let it slide, I was already in the car, on the way to school. Didn’t think much more of it. Just continued on throughout the regularly scheduled program that I was synchronized into.


After channel 1 News had ended (does anyone remember that show?) that is when I knew it was going to be one of those days…. Those days where you have to use the restroom, and you do NOT want to use it at school.


Hah, side note 2: I did not have to worry about the bathroom, I used it in class.


The beads of sweat paved its way across my forehead. The nervous fidgeting and leaning and rocking back and forth, but, there is nothing else to do.


I was in panic mode. In fear that someone might smell it. Might smell me with this odor, dancing around my desk, then making its way around the room, like a mariachi band, in full force, all up in your nostrils.


Once the rest of the class had removed themselves for the next period, I stayed seated. Nervous, as to what to do about this situation.


Long story short, you looked out for me during this breakfast malfunction. I thank you. I hope you and your family win a lottery or something.



360 Realty Flyer

360 Realty: We approve this message.


Pondering on Positivity


CubeToob Plan


Blogging Over Instrumentals – A Random Write

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bkUvikZ6rQ “I Can’t Help it” – Michael Jackson

I don’t know what I want anymore. I started out motivated and FIRED UP for world peace, but now, after the survey of the events that have led up to this place in time, it is a lack caring for empowering the planet, the people, the other populations that are also OUTSIDE of the American borders that do exist outside this countries jurisdiction.

All while blogging and coming into this area of typing what is on your mind, I have read from a lot of writer-bloggers that we are “the Greatest nation on Earth”, but, if this is the tag, title, and trophy that we polish daily, let’s turn some things around, shall we?

No country is perfect, and therefore, every country has room to improve and make the proper changes for empowering their societies as need be. As for myself, I feel that certain humans that can see past these sunroofs and drop-tops can add a bit a flare, a dash of flavor to the steady input of what is to be expected from the average citizen – no matter who, what, or where you are.

Leaving race and religion behind for a moment, let me dabble into the thoughts of my library that come from the soul, the spirit that shapes and shifts entire country’s and our planet, if put into action, for something better that can be use and recycled for later cultures and generations that follow.

I have no label towards humans and their race nor religious preferences, because, if education was not the factor of the day, we would both see each other as two beings of similar characteristics. With this idea inside, I have decided to take up the efforts in looking at ways to decrease the poverty and homelessness situation that is hurting commercial and cultural aspects of the global economy. I mean, come on, money makes things happen, so, if you can improve a negative, into a positive, ESPCIALLY from a financial standpoint, then, by all means, the red carpet will be ready for you and your idea. (right?)

I have researched a bit on families and students that are struggling with this poverty issue. This aspect of living from couch to couch, shelter to shelter, there can be something better to assist these individuals and their families. We ARE the greatest country in the world, right?

I started this blog / site for artistic reasons, but, more importantly, I was focused on a cause, a cause that was for ALL humans on this planet of a common idea, because, no matter your R R or R, you are a human here, and that means that things should work and assist you as well, right?

I understand that things happen, and situations do unfold, but, being the greatest country on this planet, we should at least make effort to solve problems and find solutions to issues that are downgrading our global economy from being the best it has EVER has been, in the history of this present culture and generation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wthgd_Rg1qg

This is just a rant, just like a lot of my previous expressions of freedom and speech, but, I do feel passionate about this effort. If we, America, the self-proclaimed “greatest nation on earth”, can find sustainable, affordable, economical, and beneficial means for solving the country’s homeless problem, the rest of the ladder will follow, or at least try to surpass this – which is best for us all, because we then start the positive competitiveness of finding solutions to the global issue of homelessness.

We have SO much potential here. But, fear, lack of motivation, lack of enthusiasm, lack of effort, lack of support, the fear of being alone, the fear of standing out, the fear of failure, the fear of success, the fear of tomorrow, the art of procrastination, all this shit is a part of my resume (personally), the same resume that holds me back from trying to do the maximum good for others and the country, and the world to making something positive with this shell that I am inside of.

It sucks, but that is the way that things are for me, but, with a solid motivation such as described above, the act / art of assistance and helping others become something better is WAY stronger than the fear of what is within myself. But, things take time, and with perseverance, the art will manifest into something beautiful that only transforms my idea into a cause worth fighting for.


Now, I am not trying to be all “RAWR RAWR RAWR” with this entry, I am just saying, from my own personal levels, I was super motivated to have something to believe in, and that shit is powerful when you put your heart and soul into it, and that is how I was when I began. Now, times have changed and things are different now, but, the art and act of making our planet a positive piece of real estate in this solar system will always be a thriving goal for the following cultures and generations that will follow.

One thing I cannot vibe with, is if a region is stopping the practice of education from its people, or, the art of hurting others through cultural conflicts. We are slowly transforming into a global economy, meaning, what their territory may have, your territory may not offer, but we are willing to do business to make sure the people are alright with that product. We don’t have time for that bull shit fighting and what not. That is so 1980. If we need something, or want something, we find a way to make it happen. If we need assistance, we can rely on our networks to come through and make such efforts easier with their knowledge and expertise behind such category.

This could all be hogwash, or, it could be legit. I am going to strive for something beyond myself, if you can help, FAN-tastic. If not, please, merge to the slow lane.

CubeToobs: The apartment for the Vet, student, or family that needs just that ONE helping hand to lift them over their hurdles. We can do it. We will help you.

Blogazine: Back Cover “Nude in the Distance of a Promenade”

Island Boobs


“Nude in the Distance of a Promenade”

To the human reading this at this very time of your existence, if you do not walk away with anything else from reading the following, just take this message with you, “you are awesome, important, and worth it”.

Blogging in the Rain:

Welp. Damn.

Not really much to say here, my writing is off the rails. The steam is not pumping the engine like it did before.

It is sad. I miss the dramatic approaches of ideas of superior living among a higher power. I really do.

That was my ‘little light of mine’ that was fight with the force of all this planet’s armies combined, because, that is just how passionately I feel about this planet’s foundation and her parental supervision.

This is all that I know.

This is an area of life that I forever and constantly think and ponder about.


“Stroll on a Promenade” (Inspired by the two lovers holding hands and showing that ‘WE LOVE EACH’ public affection – PG-13 style




Yes, yes, I did shout that.

Let the world view me holding your right five.

So what? Love is rare these days

Love, there is nothing to hide

Wear it loudly, show it proudly

I feel like a kid again

Bringing in my item for show and tell


Yes, I would yell. Over and over

Until my point hit the pale.


So, let’s take a stroll by waters so blue

Sand, salt, and sea, I’ll always stroll with you.



“And I want to LOOOOOOVE YOUUUUU,  – – The BEST that, the BEST that I CAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaannn. Awwwwwhhh”

Blogazine: “She’s Going the Distance” – Front Cover

She's Going the Distance


**Warning – is very key that you follow your local / regional traffic laws. Track driving, street driving and solar driving are three different and very complex additions to moving and transporting. Please, drive safely and cautiously at your own risk**

I simply missed blogging like this, so, I wanted to try this approach again.

Creator Motor Speedway: Whoever Your God, The Creator’s Track Never Closes

WELCOME, speedway Kings and Queens to another cosmic competitive competition, I am your host, Frank “Chubbs” Fann, alongside my co-host and 41 time solar system racer enthusiast, Ralph Smucker.

We are here, Live, at the Solar System Speedway, where our reigning champion, undefeated mother of billions, attempts to break yet another record to extend to her winnings, her worth, and her wallet, all being led by her coach, owner, track founder, and team CEO – the big guy himself – (Insert your Deity here).

This is going to be an interesting match-up today, it seems, Team Earth has a new pit crew enforced by over 7.8 billion humans that work to keep her running in tip-top shape every single chance they can get, Ralph.

You are absolutely right, Frank. Earth and her coach has developed this strategy that consists of continuing their positive spirit of working smarter, through working their ideas harder. Every single human being that is inducted into Team Earth’s pit crew and team section has a very special position that caters to the efforts of Earth’s winning streak. Their coach is fierce, but also one that let’s Earth calls the plays as she needs to while on the raceway, I mean, she is the one on the track dueling it out with the various competition, am I right, Ralph?

Yes, you are, Frank. You can find Team Earth practicing, even after the track closes, when the stands are empty, no lights, no nothing are in operation. Her team and crew are out on the track working hard, bring and setting up their own lights, their own machines and devices to test just how fast, how quick, how efficient she is running each and every lap possible. Testing her high end acceleration, to cornering, braking, shifting in the appropriate areas, and energy management through the various climates and track conditions – 24:7:365 a year.

Wow, this team REALLY puts in the effort, huh, Ralph?

Yes they do, Frank. They have to. In order to maintain this type of winning streak and effort of such a high caliber franchise, efforts of working smarter while working their ideas harder is just the tip of what makes these cosmic champions the powerhouses that they are today.

Alright, thank you, Ralph. Now, as the teams line up on pit road, we will be right back after this word from our sponsors…

Are you Pregnant with Greatness?

Do you feel that you are awesome, even when no one else is around?

Did you ever have an idea for a product, to only brush it off, and then discover some time later, your idea that was ‘brushed off’ was “swept up” to make someone else, millions?

Have you found yourself planning for things that seems so far in left field, you laughed out loud to yourself and even had strange looks from others that thought you were crazy?

Don’t you worry, you awesome human. You can consider these ‘mental kicks of inspiration’ from the greatness within you. Once an idea REALLY does decide that it is time for delivery, breath deep, find your happy place, and do work to make it happen.

If ideas had an ultra-sound, what would this reality appear like to you? Until you birth your ideas, you will be forever pregnant with greatness.


‘Flex on the Apex’, Team Earth

“She is always hugging the corning of perfection.”