NAME Blogazine: It’s Bland

Sculpting on a Keyboard: Writing Raw Ideas into a Slab to Sculpt Beautiful Artwork Afterwards

Writing and editing. Is this equivalent to the master sculptor and their medium for sculpting? The writer enters their realm of a keyboard and screen to begin sculpting out a beautiful piece of work that can be read over and over again, and again, by many who follow your work, or just happen to be passing by. WordPress is merely an art gallery of keyboard sculptors. 


What I See when I View Our Planet: Quick Bursts of Statements

Working on people skills and understanding the art of conversation is very vital in the digital age. It is very easy to expression 140 characters of opinions and ideas, but once you attempt to make the effort from tablet to table, you enter the minor leagues of society.

Imagination is cool and all, but it will not pay rent, student loan payments, or supply a reasonable type of a future for yourself – if your tactics are mine.”

I see a planet that is capable of being understood overtime. In a sincere form and fashion of science, adaptations, roles, rules, regulations and recoveries regarding natural events and phenomena.

If we were destined to travel to other planets, what is holding this motion back – besides the facts of funding, machinery, mechanics of operation, and their navigators?

Earth is merely one planet within a room on a table. And, on this table, you have other planets that we (might) may be able to explore one day. From this table, we have shelves that hold other systems and planets that make up their own existences and realities.

All of this is from within a room. A room within a building. A building that may be housing several other rooms with the same exact situation as our room that you see above.

Maybe this building Is surrounded by other buildings that house every other possibility that OUR room above could imagine. For example, Our room here, it has tan walls. Let’s say, that the building next door has purple walls. Could we be under just one aspect of the universe’s potential chance of operation?

What does this mean for nature and natural events? Of the gods and the deities that we humans have crafted up over centuries? The science of a planet and the people who understand it? What is going on here? I know the issue is not ‘out there’, but ‘right here’, and with guidelines of a culture established so deeply, is it possible to view things differently here?

In short, your race, region, and religion should not counter an effort such as achieving means of planetary stature and understanding, should it?

NAME:  Apology

The motivations that drawn me to begin this writing adventure are a mixed catalog of emotions.

A lot of you are blessed and understand the functions of a planet that you are specifically involved in. There are various – as it seems to me – models and methods that cater to every region’s operation within this planet.

For me, finding a place to belong, truly looking for something to believe in, to truly have a passion for that extends to my experience and continuous attempts for understanding what is the ACTUAL operative plan and goal of a society that is being driven by the continuous evolution of a human species.

How is it possible, that we live among such a closely-connected technological generation, but have not mastered the art of human understanding – going back to our founding principles “no matter your race, region, or religion” – that has been built and designed by our past ancestral family members, who were not blessed to experience this moment of our educational and technological advancements, that allows us to be heavily informed, educated, and enlightened at any given moment within any given subject matter.

I apologize. I apologize to you, reader. This site has done the complete opposite of what it was supposed to be, what it was supposed to set out and do – from an artistic angle and expression. I will say, that I am not upset at all, but, in all honesty with you, I get these….these little urges of frustration and pinned up energy from all the confusion and ways of a system at hand that can be improved for all people, from all walks of life. But, as I mentioned earlier, it seems to all boil down to the art of the label of a human, their race, region, and religion.


This hurdle is as high as the heavens, so it seems. I ask for understanding.


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