NAME Blogazine [Iss. 6]: Amazing Humans part 1

Welcome, readers, to another issue about issues. Ha. Was that funny? (Frank: I laughed, fat boy) I thought so, I snickered a bit. To myself. Anyway, I wrote a little poem while washing the dishes, and I am quite proud of this little line:

I know your father is real,

Do whatever you wish.

Say what you will,

I know a God exists.

Now, which one, that is entirely another tangent that has brought me a lot of depression, a lot of failures, a lot of missed opportunties to excel. Do not be like me, just take notes and watch. Don’t even do that, just do you. But, don’t stop others from doing them – if that makes sense at all. Whatever.

We present you issue six.


Racing in D2: “Cause I Like How It Sounds”

**WARNING – Any drivers of heavy machinery, pelase, drive safely, and obey your local city, county, and state traffic laws**

When you find a personal, deeper meaning towards understanding life and our collective existence, does this cause one to be an outcast for driving your own racing lines, but still a part of the spectrum that controls all vehicles of the track? I can look and understand that higher powers (god) does exist, the evidence is everywhere.  Between racism and religious environments of societies that hold great weight and influence, the artistry of halting a cultures reality of a brighter future for positivity rings loudly.


Perhaps this reality is one that is never to be achieved. I mean, not everyone wants to have a future that will benefit their children’s and children’s children’s  futures, and that is their right as a human, right? Like, why deny someone their view of not wanting a better place to live – worldwide – in this society that is only going to downsize it’s cultural perception through technology and the demand that it has for our daily lives.

Welcome to Earth, right?



“F*** that S***. ”


LOVE, It’s Written in the Cosmos

Solar Systems

Love: She is giving when she doesn’t have to or need to.

Love: She is there when you need her, even when she doesn’t want to be.

Love: She is always reliable and on time

Love: The motivation behind so many endeavors in this life

Love: Makes you not worthy of it

Love: A humans affection towards love can never be made final. A love so deep, only generations of serious pursuits and endeavors have tried to gain it.

Love: A snappy bitch, but tender in the heart of emotions.

Love: The ultimate force of everything you enjoy

Love: Without love, our planet would still be 10,000 years behind the accepted rubric of life, and were not even there yet.


Well, you all know what this is suppose to be an impersonation of, but how much does it apply to this ACTUAL reality? Nill. These two operations work on two different systems. Unfortunately for me, I have neither understood, and only one is mentally understandable.

Welcome to NAME. An editor’s perspective of this tiny planet that spins around a spinning cycle of another cycle within a cycle inside of a larger cycle of cycles.


A Raggedy Resume: “DON’T DO DAT!”



I am Matthew Johnson. Artist. Writer. Current online student. Striving for an educational degree.  Religiously obsessed, homeless, and spiritually in hurdles.

Lover of the environment, love, humanity, Love, cars, and hard work. Just no where to apply these efforts for financial application.

I can work a hammer, drill, blueprint, and most heavy duty machinery. All the basics of a novice carpenter.

I can run office telephones – flipping the vocal switches of corporate dialects to your more ‘distraught’ customer phone calls to your careful directional assistance for your sweet “gram-gram”, who just understood how to operate ‘Mozilla Firefox’.

Entry level marketer.

Full time daydreamer, coffee drinker, karaoke enthusiast. A habitual line stepper.

I am not what others are, in every aspect that you might be able to think of, but when my sincere heart is in it, I am your man.

Intro still photo

Replogle: “Your Learning Adventure Awaits”


If I Was: [A Working Series]

“Not on this track”

If I was not on this track, I would not know any of the people that I do know now. I would not give a fuck about the planet, the environment, or the interests that have fallen before me. I would not care for the informative issues of our day, or the lack of educational value that is being robbed from our current youth.

I would not care that racism and religion (seems to be) a severe issue within our culture. I would not give a fuck about others in the arts, I would not care for the lack of musical funding that is being neglected in a lot of schools. I would not care that the science of our lives is not taken in consideration when regarding NATURE and the ENVIRONMENT of the planetary species as a whole.


I would, however, be an extremely sucessful black race car driver, trainer, enthusiast of the engine, the racetrack, and my regions driving adventures. I would be married already – maybe numerous times – (I would not be the person I am now), maybe a kid, or two, or eight, and a set of beautiful automobiles that were capable of reaching 60 miles per hour in UNDER 3.4 seconds.


In all of that fluff, do I regret any of the actions that have led me to this point, this unpredictable point of my life, starting blogs and art studios via the world wide web, battling through the human struggle that has outlined my current path of existence that is never sure of which way or what to do?

I do not, for some strange reason.


Author’s Notes:

(As I lean back on this broken seat that was once a full chair, stretch my hands over the computer and stretch out my back and shoulders to prepare to type something about the ending credits of this issue)

Everyone of this culture is a type of follower in some aspect. For some, the following varies on the person, the types of follows, the people, the genre… look, you all know the science behind this matter.

For us writers here at NAME, we follow a VERY selective, highly driven, high octane, highly focused and driven group of individuals. The business moguls. The powerhouses. Industry leaders and trendsetters. Their drive is sincere, their focus is one directional, and their efforts are robotic. They are entrepreneurs.

I personally think their efforts sheds and absorbs onto the more serious follower. I would enjoy working 16 hours days doing what I loved, doing what I think and dream about on a constant basis to support myself. AND, if one was to ask me, THIS concept, is the dream job scenario.

But, one must have product. One must have a product that others will come back for. Will be in demand for. Will continue to boost and supply the consumer.

For all I know, this is a greedy blog. I have NOTHING to produce for a productive quality product that others will be in interest of. If things were possible to start over, find something that works for everyone that can be helped within my areas of focus, I would damn sure find it.

We shall see what next week brings.

If you have not checked out CyberDust for all of your social interactions that are never recorded, to connect with business moguls and such operators, try it free, HERE.

Chat with me:









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