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16 Steps into Outer Space: Working Around Office Muses

When you practice your artistic expressive endeavors writing under an umbrella such as NAME, you do not limit your ways of expression towards this artistic endeavor. This planet is the common umbrella I felt that I could reach an audience with, and it has been a very wild rollercoaster ride.

I had a job almost two years ago, working within an environment of muses. As I can recall, a lot of my blogging efforts were motivated from mothers, being that my only focuses were around art and theories of life within this planet in the beginning of Autumn of 2013.

Every Mother of that office, as well as the downstairs launch pad, was of a maternal influence within the efforts of this blog and attempts to understand this reality.

I hope the 13 muses are doing well and I wish them nothing but positive futures in every aspect of their beings.


Progress or Progross?

I do not know anymore. After completing the poster above, it dawned on me, that all of that ‘space’ that is in within the Universe does not mean a thing to the operation that is functioning within this planet.

Or does it?



Is Earth a Putt Putt Course in the State of the Milky Way?


I am NOT a golfer. But, my putting skills are pretty sharp – only if the temperature is JUST right, no cars are passing by, the loud kids are quiet and there is no other putters behind me, “rushing” me to putt.


Writing from this piece, it brings up a lot of ideas from me, personally, that affect what I am and who I would like to be. It seems, that in this life’s society, you can flow with the pack, follow the others – at least you are not alone – and share in the interests, motivations, and it’s shares that your similar paths may reward you with. For this example, we will use putting as the template. I read a lot from various humans that have decided to not follow and stand out. I must say, personally, it is a very black and white affair that takes place – either you rock it, or you do not. This particular hole that is presented, does offer the guarantee that you can make this hole in 2 swings, which is fair and practical. But then you have this center obstruction that allows one to take the risk of the one swing, one hole idea. I could apply this to several factors of my life, school: company: projects: art: bills: but that all depends on the various humans of this planet – I am not in your shoes, and you are not in mine – and their situations.


To really focus on the idea behind this piece, is that, when is risk something that we try, and when should one play it safe? Especially now in this new digital economy, you just never know what is going to be the next ‘it’ that makes a substantial amount of freedom units (money) for a particular individual or team.


On a personal level, this piece speaks to me, from my own personal testimony of finding a way to begin to understand the world around me. Many of my peers that I felt that I was super close to, all followed their own lanes and paths, for their own particular journey’s, and that is cool, that is their way. You cannot knock that hustle that they travelled upon. But, for me, I was the dude who choose to attempt to ride of the middle barrier, and completely lost sync with the rest of the world in the process. I see things differently, view things in an unpopular fashion, which totally sucks, because you never want to harm or make other feel uncomfortable, but, DAMN, it’s like we all want to make the proper swing for the hole, but there are numerous ways to make it there. Like, for example, say the putter just chopped the ball on the backend side where the putter is sitting, causing a severe back-spin to the ball when it is launched over the ramp, by-passing the left or right routes, to sink a hole in one.


Is this shot invalid? Does this attempt not count at all on this particular course’s putting platform?


Author’s Notes:

I have no idea where this blogazine going, but I cannot stop trying to find a focused pursuit of how to steer it there.


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