NAME Blogazine [ISS. 4 – VIDEO] “A Very, VERY, DULL Documentary / Theory / Presentation”

The following is not of scholarly referencing, more like, a blogazine entry. As it rains outside of my office window, I sit here and come to the fact, that ideas do not make you money, or help you begin a career that you can be happy about. They may fund a private sector or some other  power entity, but this is merely a blog full of one dude’s nomadic travel thoughts (of really finding what operates this planet – by human ability and divine actions – two different things) of the planet’s direction, which is probably the biggest conspiracy this planet has ever had to evolve with during the span of human’s existence here.

Intro still photo

Replogle: “Made to Educate”



I hope you like popcorn.



Authors Note:

I am changing the format – again – to how the reads will roll. Maybe each day should be a page. A page of work that feeds the WordPress machine and the Reader. That is all that I have for today.



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