NAME Blogazine [Iss. 6]: Amazing Humans part 1

Welcome, readers, to another issue about issues. Ha. Was that funny? (Frank: I laughed, fat boy) I thought so, I snickered a bit. To myself. Anyway, I wrote a little poem while washing the dishes, and I am quite proud of this little line:

I know your father is real,

Do whatever you wish.

Say what you will,

I know a God exists.

Now, which one, that is entirely another tangent that has brought me a lot of depression, a lot of failures, a lot of missed opportunties to excel. Do not be like me, just take notes and watch. Don’t even do that, just do you. But, don’t stop others from doing them – if that makes sense at all. Whatever.

We present you issue six.


Racing in D2: “Cause I Like How It Sounds”

**WARNING – Any drivers of heavy machinery, pelase, drive safely, and obey your local city, county, and state traffic laws**

When you find a personal, deeper meaning towards understanding life and our collective existence, does this cause one to be an outcast for driving your own racing lines, but still a part of the spectrum that controls all vehicles of the track? I can look and understand that higher powers (god) does exist, the evidence is everywhere.  Between racism and religious environments of societies that hold great weight and influence, the artistry of halting a cultures reality of a brighter future for positivity rings loudly.


Perhaps this reality is one that is never to be achieved. I mean, not everyone wants to have a future that will benefit their children’s and children’s children’s  futures, and that is their right as a human, right? Like, why deny someone their view of not wanting a better place to live – worldwide – in this society that is only going to downsize it’s cultural perception through technology and the demand that it has for our daily lives.

Welcome to Earth, right?



“F*** that S***. ”


LOVE, It’s Written in the Cosmos

Solar Systems

Love: She is giving when she doesn’t have to or need to.

Love: She is there when you need her, even when she doesn’t want to be.

Love: She is always reliable and on time

Love: The motivation behind so many endeavors in this life

Love: Makes you not worthy of it

Love: A humans affection towards love can never be made final. A love so deep, only generations of serious pursuits and endeavors have tried to gain it.

Love: A snappy bitch, but tender in the heart of emotions.

Love: The ultimate force of everything you enjoy

Love: Without love, our planet would still be 10,000 years behind the accepted rubric of life, and were not even there yet.


Well, you all know what this is suppose to be an impersonation of, but how much does it apply to this ACTUAL reality? Nill. These two operations work on two different systems. Unfortunately for me, I have neither understood, and only one is mentally understandable.

Welcome to NAME. An editor’s perspective of this tiny planet that spins around a spinning cycle of another cycle within a cycle inside of a larger cycle of cycles.


A Raggedy Resume: “DON’T DO DAT!”



I am Matthew Johnson. Artist. Writer. Current online student. Striving for an educational degree.  Religiously obsessed, homeless, and spiritually in hurdles.

Lover of the environment, love, humanity, Love, cars, and hard work. Just no where to apply these efforts for financial application.

I can work a hammer, drill, blueprint, and most heavy duty machinery. All the basics of a novice carpenter.

I can run office telephones – flipping the vocal switches of corporate dialects to your more ‘distraught’ customer phone calls to your careful directional assistance for your sweet “gram-gram”, who just understood how to operate ‘Mozilla Firefox’.

Entry level marketer.

Full time daydreamer, coffee drinker, karaoke enthusiast. A habitual line stepper.

I am not what others are, in every aspect that you might be able to think of, but when my sincere heart is in it, I am your man.

Intro still photo

Replogle: “Your Learning Adventure Awaits”


If I Was: [A Working Series]

“Not on this track”

If I was not on this track, I would not know any of the people that I do know now. I would not give a fuck about the planet, the environment, or the interests that have fallen before me. I would not care for the informative issues of our day, or the lack of educational value that is being robbed from our current youth.

I would not care that racism and religion (seems to be) a severe issue within our culture. I would not give a fuck about others in the arts, I would not care for the lack of musical funding that is being neglected in a lot of schools. I would not care that the science of our lives is not taken in consideration when regarding NATURE and the ENVIRONMENT of the planetary species as a whole.


I would, however, be an extremely sucessful black race car driver, trainer, enthusiast of the engine, the racetrack, and my regions driving adventures. I would be married already – maybe numerous times – (I would not be the person I am now), maybe a kid, or two, or eight, and a set of beautiful automobiles that were capable of reaching 60 miles per hour in UNDER 3.4 seconds.


In all of that fluff, do I regret any of the actions that have led me to this point, this unpredictable point of my life, starting blogs and art studios via the world wide web, battling through the human struggle that has outlined my current path of existence that is never sure of which way or what to do?

I do not, for some strange reason.


Author’s Notes:

(As I lean back on this broken seat that was once a full chair, stretch my hands over the computer and stretch out my back and shoulders to prepare to type something about the ending credits of this issue)

Everyone of this culture is a type of follower in some aspect. For some, the following varies on the person, the types of follows, the people, the genre… look, you all know the science behind this matter.

For us writers here at NAME, we follow a VERY selective, highly driven, high octane, highly focused and driven group of individuals. The business moguls. The powerhouses. Industry leaders and trendsetters. Their drive is sincere, their focus is one directional, and their efforts are robotic. They are entrepreneurs.

I personally think their efforts sheds and absorbs onto the more serious follower. I would enjoy working 16 hours days doing what I loved, doing what I think and dream about on a constant basis to support myself. AND, if one was to ask me, THIS concept, is the dream job scenario.

But, one must have product. One must have a product that others will come back for. Will be in demand for. Will continue to boost and supply the consumer.

For all I know, this is a greedy blog. I have NOTHING to produce for a productive quality product that others will be in interest of. If things were possible to start over, find something that works for everyone that can be helped within my areas of focus, I would damn sure find it.

We shall see what next week brings.

If you have not checked out CyberDust for all of your social interactions that are never recorded, to connect with business moguls and such operators, try it free, HERE.

Chat with me:








NAME Blogazine: Papers from the Trash



16 Steps into Outer Space: Working Around Office Muses

When you practice your artistic expressive endeavors writing under an umbrella such as NAME, you do not limit your ways of expression towards this artistic endeavor. This planet is the common umbrella I felt that I could reach an audience with, and it has been a very wild rollercoaster ride.

I had a job almost two years ago, working within an environment of muses. As I can recall, a lot of my blogging efforts were motivated from mothers, being that my only focuses were around art and theories of life within this planet in the beginning of Autumn of 2013.

Every Mother of that office, as well as the downstairs launch pad, was of a maternal influence within the efforts of this blog and attempts to understand this reality.

I hope the 13 muses are doing well and I wish them nothing but positive futures in every aspect of their beings.


Progress or Progross?

I do not know anymore. After completing the poster above, it dawned on me, that all of that ‘space’ that is in within the Universe does not mean a thing to the operation that is functioning within this planet.

Or does it?



Is Earth a Putt Putt Course in the State of the Milky Way?


I am NOT a golfer. But, my putting skills are pretty sharp – only if the temperature is JUST right, no cars are passing by, the loud kids are quiet and there is no other putters behind me, “rushing” me to putt.


Writing from this piece, it brings up a lot of ideas from me, personally, that affect what I am and who I would like to be. It seems, that in this life’s society, you can flow with the pack, follow the others – at least you are not alone – and share in the interests, motivations, and it’s shares that your similar paths may reward you with. For this example, we will use putting as the template. I read a lot from various humans that have decided to not follow and stand out. I must say, personally, it is a very black and white affair that takes place – either you rock it, or you do not. This particular hole that is presented, does offer the guarantee that you can make this hole in 2 swings, which is fair and practical. But then you have this center obstruction that allows one to take the risk of the one swing, one hole idea. I could apply this to several factors of my life, school: company: projects: art: bills: but that all depends on the various humans of this planet – I am not in your shoes, and you are not in mine – and their situations.


To really focus on the idea behind this piece, is that, when is risk something that we try, and when should one play it safe? Especially now in this new digital economy, you just never know what is going to be the next ‘it’ that makes a substantial amount of freedom units (money) for a particular individual or team.


On a personal level, this piece speaks to me, from my own personal testimony of finding a way to begin to understand the world around me. Many of my peers that I felt that I was super close to, all followed their own lanes and paths, for their own particular journey’s, and that is cool, that is their way. You cannot knock that hustle that they travelled upon. But, for me, I was the dude who choose to attempt to ride of the middle barrier, and completely lost sync with the rest of the world in the process. I see things differently, view things in an unpopular fashion, which totally sucks, because you never want to harm or make other feel uncomfortable, but, DAMN, it’s like we all want to make the proper swing for the hole, but there are numerous ways to make it there. Like, for example, say the putter just chopped the ball on the backend side where the putter is sitting, causing a severe back-spin to the ball when it is launched over the ramp, by-passing the left or right routes, to sink a hole in one.


Is this shot invalid? Does this attempt not count at all on this particular course’s putting platform?


Author’s Notes:

I have no idea where this blogazine going, but I cannot stop trying to find a focused pursuit of how to steer it there.

NAME Blogazine [ISS. 4.5] Unorganized Editorial Edition

Welcome, skirts and slacks, to another NAME blogazine. I am Frank, one of the writers behind this blog. We had a suggestion to begin things off in a motivational / shout-out / intro to begin, so here, let me try my best to mold the mood for you all here.


“SO! Uh, could you all pause, please. Dearest, Father (s). As we all stand around this boardroom, eyes low, mind clear, ready to begin, I just want to say thanks. You’re a real cool dude, but harsh when you have to be. I ask that you keep everyone safe, focused, and driven to do whatever it is that they do in respects to business, commerce, family, and hobby. “It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing”. So, assist those that work and hustle towards efforts they bring.




The Linda Hill Bill – Audiences

The Tambourine Drummer – A Count Basie Audition

Blogging on a Racetrack

1 Driver, 5 Conversations

Frank’s Notes



Panhandler Problems

Intersection Perspectives: Story of a Panhandler

I pull up to an intersection, and see two panhandlers. I do not know their stories, their situation, or how long they have been there, but I see them both holding signs in public. I see a police officer walk pass one of the panhandlers, and detains / arrests (I am not sure) the other panhandler. I do not know if this particular panhandler was disturbing traffic, passers-by on the sidewalk, or was asked to leave already do to some circumstance before I arrived at the intersection, I do not know. The setting is deeper than this – #TheSouth – and I have been at odds at how to comprehend it.



The following editorial was inspired by a fantastic writer around the way:


The Linda Hill Bill on Audiences (The Follower, Fan, and The Fanatic)

In honesty, I do not take this as seriously as I did in the past. To the ‘audience’ that lines up and attends these readings, I literally give them the “robotic shopping check out experience”. I do not feel the same energy that I once had, when I was hoping to understand my place and understanding in this world, in this society. My personal struggles that I battle with are different than my neighbors, heck, different from a lot of people. BUT, that is also something that we all share, collectively – that we all have our own personal struggle(s) that we are working with / dealing with / going through.


Interaction with the readers: This is where I slack off horribly. I mean, I am literally a multi-person team when I step up to the keyboard (sometimes). One day, I could be ready to record an album or something, then the next, I am this dude that does not want to even look at the blog – BUT WHY? WHAT THE **** ARE YOU DOING? – I say to myself.


It all boils down to my passion and pursuit, as well as positivity towards the one thing that I honestly feel like I left within this nomadic shuffle. This entity of the web was crafting with one idea in mind – basically, to prove a past bully that this operation that we are under – here, on Earth – is under strict, orderly operation that has been crafted by divine genius and opportunity (but, hey, these are just my opinions – after the fact of understanding that term)


Blogging felt right to me in the start of this entity, now, the opposite. I never run out of ideas of words to present, but that chief idea, that chief goal and motivation was something I feared (and still do – which has spawned another idea regarding this topic) to the point I slowly left it alone.


I am the silent reader. I am the silent follower. I am the one who reads works and never says anything. Some people can blurt out anything they want on a whim – I used to be the same, but our words and the comments they mean something for that reader – whether positive or negative.


In short, *I am that person to the left, 4 rows back, snacking hard on popcorn. I am the fan, the follower, and the fanatic of blogging writers.

*Edits: I was going to use radio stations here, and involve how calling in means that you are a fan and want to leave shout outs and holla and yell and just go wild with that energy you have. But, I changed it to what you have just read above.



Count Basie Audition Song List- “You Find a Seat, You Read this Blog, You Clap, Then You Leave”

The following are song titles that represent me through my instrument of choice – The Tambourine Drum.


  1. I’m stingy.
  2. I hold back a lot of my thoughts and emotions.
  3. I just wanted to have fun talking about Earth, her Father, and how we all live on Earth together, so we should get this right.
  4. I feel that many of the ideas I have are self-damaging, and play with my perspective towards the real world
  5. I lost basic functions of social etiquette due to my situation within societies structure
  6. I am a big ******** kid and I pooped over past endeavors that may have worked out for me – positively – in the past.
  7. I look / perceive / view the world sideways, which makes my entire demeanor seem “WTF is he doing?”
  8. I write publicly because I know I have a few readers, but this is something I do not write on a serious bit – especially now.
  9. The motivations behind some of these writings come from outside sources and motivations of other writers and their styles of expressions
  10. Im lazy.


Blogging on a Model Racetrack:

Seriously, I think it is. We travel these keys over and over and over again, all in race mode for the ‘publish’ line. We all hit pit road for fuel, tire changes, a quick alignment to better meet the specifications of the track for the day, or how well you are working your racecar, but your blog is more than entering keys. You are traveling with your fingers for that prize of successfully finishing out your post, whatever it may be. It is your world inside the rectangle of the screen and keyboard. You are the driver. You are the team. You are the pit crew. You are the team owner. It is your world when blogging behind the screen in the WordPress World Championship.


Side Note:

Which brings me to the idea of hosting a “Bloggers Rally”. For a specific week that everyone can agree on, you have – over the span of 8 days – a daily set limit of words to type, on literally anything that you want. But, we will be covering a lot of pages, because, at the end of this rally, we ALL will have completed a 30,000 word entry across the computer screen. You, your co-pilot (the keyboard), your vehicle (your computer) and the drive, endurance, and focus to complete each daily leg with the required word count.

Any topic works – no matter your background. From foodie to fashion, music to medicine, the key for each day is to finish. Period. It would AMAZING to have one team that has entered to have their book published and logged into our own section of a WordPress archive – under the rally’s name. We do this each year – or maybe make it seasonal, however the crowd feels for it – and just do our thing behind the keyboard. Here is a quick outline of the first rally idea:

Day 0: Pre-Launch (words covered – 0)

Day 1: Launch (words 0 to 5,500 words) 5,500 words covered

Day 2: (5,500 words to 10,880 words) 5,380 words covered

Day 3: (10,880 words to 14,095 words) 3,215 words covered

Day 4: (14,095 words to 21,000 words) 6,905 words covered

Day 5: (21,000 words to 24,400 words) 3,400 words covered

Day 6: (24,400 words to 28,000 words) 3,600 words covered

Day 7: (28,000 words to 30,000 words) 2,000 words covered

Day 8: Celebrate, Awards, etc



1 Driver, 5 Conversations

When you try to be somewhat sane in a mind that is constantly thinking about events and ideas that matter nothing of the liking, you really do suppress your inner personalities and characters. For example, I feel like I could embody at least 5 different humans, on a daily basis. But is this correct in this day in age?

For example, I quote lines from movies, songs, old plays from college (rarely)  and these events are special to me, they bring back happy times when I was more care-free, more inward focused on individuals and their emotions, rather than how society can suck out their child-like behaviors and trade them in for a suit of anger and chaos and negativity and BILLS – mymy, the bills.


I remember when I would be ready to have fun, enjoy the people and the scene of the moment. Not anymore, I don’t know what happened – inwardly – that defunked my personality from being that high-time, rolling rocker that was quick to say, “fuck it” and just help out when needed, or pulled over on the side of the road – safely, from a far enough distance to ENSURE the other party that I mean no harm, only to help, ask if assistance is needed – to ask random strangers if they needed a lift to a local fuel station or water for their radiator. With more separations tearing our world apart more and more rapidly, the human connection is – for me – dwindling away…. Sadly.

To Frank, Ted, Craig, Maxwell, and Marcineo – I love you dudes, even though you are not allowed to come out and play.



Author’s Note:

Well, Frank, what can you say about this week’s write up?

WELL, I am happy you asked. I will say this, the team is starting to understand that this is exactly what you want to make it. We still are holding back – A LOT – but we are definitely are moving forward, feeling a bit more relaxed behind the screen and keys. To be completely honest with you, this feels so new. For a lot of us, which is strange. We have worked here for what, 2+ years? Now, every time we want to write something, it feels like the keys are in another language or something.


What about topics? Are you struggling in this department?

Not… so… much….. Naw….. No. Although, there are roads never travelled before within this blogazine that might make interesting, off the objective board tasks list.


Plans for next week?

A new theory. That is all I can say, we are still putting things together as far as information, presentation properties, and a theme.

NAME Blogazine [ISS. 4 – VIDEO] “A Very, VERY, DULL Documentary / Theory / Presentation”

The following is not of scholarly referencing, more like, a blogazine entry. As it rains outside of my office window, I sit here and come to the fact, that ideas do not make you money, or help you begin a career that you can be happy about. They may fund a private sector or some other  power entity, but this is merely a blog full of one dude’s nomadic travel thoughts (of really finding what operates this planet – by human ability and divine actions – two different things) of the planet’s direction, which is probably the biggest conspiracy this planet has ever had to evolve with during the span of human’s existence here.

Intro still photo

Replogle: “Made to Educate”



I hope you like popcorn.



Authors Note:

I am changing the format – again – to how the reads will roll. Maybe each day should be a page. A page of work that feeds the WordPress machine and the Reader. That is all that I have for today.