NAME Blogazine [ISS. 2] “Social Media – What is this REALLY in a Digital Economy?”

Written November, 2014*



1. Editorial Series: Southern Up-Growth – Perspectives of life in the South

2. *Blogging Through the Drowsy (Harsh Reality Enterprise Critique)

3. *How to Mess Up Your Chances of an Art Career

4. Meet the Staff

5. *Office Debate: If Heaven is Real

6. *Blogger’s Rule The World?

7. *Religious Rebel

8. *fART – Love Your Brand

9. Valentine’s Weekend Special

10. *Author’s Note / Jams for the Hams



Intro still photo

Replogle globes: “Show and Tell on a Deeper Level”


Southern Up-Growth

It is not uncommon to walk the streets and hear the yelling / praising / acknowledging of a Deity from all walks of life down this way. The South is a highly religious territory, which is why this particular blogazine’s fascination with the workings and idealogies that comes along with it are passionately active. We argue all the time here in NAME, on whether or not all this is live or not, but more recently, the evidence that displays our natural world versus our hand-made world draws us in closer to as to Why these things are in existence. > (Part 2 Next Week)


Blogging through the Drowsy

I don’t know how you do it, Harsh Reality. ( We know you have sleep issues, and that sucks, but the ability to write and perform basic typing functions just are not evident. Our researchers and laboratory technicians have tested our entire office for what can extend the amount of sleep / working ratio, and we are clueless. >



How to Mess Up Your Chances of an Art Career: (by a dude who messed up his chances of having an art career)

1. Try to change the world, when you do not understand the operation of what the fuck you want to change

2. Focus on something that a lot of people have in common, that touches deeper than a paycheck, and voice ideas on that

3. Move around that something’s various avenues and “sections” that try to explain that common bond that many humans share

4. Repeat that over and over again – remember, you do not FULLY understand the entity that you want to make better / improve.

5. Never agree on pop-culture’s stance of color schemes and projections – THIS is definitely ruin things for you, even if you are unsure at that time.

6. Dislike everything that you see everyone else doing.

7. Triskaidekaphobia

8. Triskaidekaphobia + 10

9.  Make-up crazy theories regarding yourself as well as your fellow human beings that you MUST share this planet Earth with.

10. Live as if you are on another planet. >



[Advertisement] Your Local Flower Shop

“She works hard for the money, teaching kids who hate honey. Signals of love are great, they overcome all hate.”

Sending flowers is sending love.

DULL_Carole DULL_Jake



Meet the Staff: “Frank”



He refused to be interviewed for this quick bio, but from what I has learned from this man of limited expression, is that he really doesn’t like people all that well. “Dr. Sarcastic”. He’s bitter, grouchy, and I imagine he is in his early to mid 30’s? (Maybe). Always on time, neat, and REEKING of cologne, Frank is like that sandpaper back scratcher. Nice for a minute, then absolutely terrible be around if prolonged. >



If Heaven is Real: Debate with Frank (my office co-worker) on the idea of heaven.

Theory 1: let’s say, back – WAAAAAAYYYYYYYY back in those days – when people were roaming around up there, doing their thing, they were in this divine atmosphere – completely opposite of Earth’s mmk – where everything was like utopia. Then, Earth evolved, and some of them were like – “OOOO, let’s go there for vacation!” And so, the ones who left heaven were now here, on Earth. Forget the evolution of man from reptiles and other water dwelling inhabitants, NUH-UH, we humans just dropped here, flat out from the skies above. Then we wrote and changed, wrote and changed, wrote and changed the “Declaration of Holy Letters” to fit the times they lived in. Half the pack did not like that, so they made their own. From here, both sides were now writing and changing, writing and changing their own “Declaration of Holy Letters” to make sure they had the absolutely, positively, Declaration of all declarations. Then, fighting broke out. Some significant, some minor, but the fighting is still present – even in a “smart society”.

Theory 2: Man is both, we block positive notions in fear of positive outcomes, deeming them negative, until the world can profit from it – scientifically, politically, religiously, then it becomes a positive worldwide phenomena. >

PAGE 6+1 / 8-1



Happy Valentine’s Day, people.

PAGE 8 – Cover Article


Bloggers Rule The World? (Or Do We Think We Do?) – Why These Keyboard Punchers and Pushers Have a Significant Impact on Modern 21st Century Culture

We have these various means of communicating with each other through the human artistry of social media management and messaging. Where we have this tool to read a piece of information, understand it, apply, critique it, debate it, share it, then capitalize on it for the empowerment of the humans that take part in it’s informational objective.

TECHNOLOGY CHANGES EVERYTHING! The motto of the current higher education station I am a part of. We are a culture slowly led into this paradigm to where we are all connected – via the properties of the digital world, electricity, internet connections, and the devices of elite operation. If you are a fan of someone, and they are heavily flowing on the worldwide web, you can follow within an instant, tweet, fan mail, all of these things, because our society’s advancement of techno-tools has opened windows, doors, and patio screens to communication. We all know this by now, it is no secret, if you want a pen-pal from India, a lover from Russia, a rally driving co-pilot from Australia, a spiritual healer from China, a Brazilian chef, Chilean martial artist, or an African herbs man practicing in the UK, you can meet these people within minutes.

Some ideas that float around my idea igloo are the following:

– The Blogger shares personal information on specific topics, subjects, and criteria that has affected them

– The Blogger has acquired serious information that they feel are significant

– The Blogger may be a Booger, looking for people to just pick their post and flick away afterwards

– Some people are serious about this blogging hustle, just look around the web via WordPress. They are stomping loud and writing proud.

Maybe this is a poor article of how the blogger operates the wired / wireless wide web, but, I think you understand the bedrock position we are stressing. Blogging – it’s what you make it. (Do I disagree with this poster? Not sure, but, if your deity was an avid supporter of electronic devices, would he be in favor of Apple’s or Windows?)>



Religious Rebel

What if, when you get to the line in heaven, everyone doesn’t make it except for the atheist? Every religion hates another religion – which is the exact opposite of what it means to be living for a religion, right? It is just sad, scary, and upsetting to me. What religion would Earth be? This planet allowed your existence to be here, why let religion separate us?>

fART – Love Your Brand

I see people with amazing talent and artistic expression in which they simply do not G.A.F. about what others say and think about their work. Sort of like passing gas, they build it, they release it, and the effects of the scent dance around them as well as the immediate nostrils within that scents reach. Such a random way to say, ‘Matt, love what you do, even if your stuff is not of the times. Love your brand, man, love it.”>



360 Realty Flyer

360 Realty – “Revolving Your World In Style”



Valentine’s Weekend Special

For our NEW readers of this site, last year’s Valentine’s Day spectacular hit a bump that was really out of left field. This year, we did something different. We interviewed four couples on what they were thinking as far as ideas and what to expect from their significant other.

Spouse Voucher 4 Her (2) Spouse Voucher 4 Him (2)

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Video Documentary:




Author’s Note

I was seriously think about letting this site go, just walking away, letting the dust collect, leaving all these tears, sweaty hand prints on drawings, video demo’s, “classroom” lectures, all of these things to just fall back into the crevices of the world wide web. But I can’t. This Kingdom, hand-crafted by men and women all around this world, we are responsible for the way it runs.

Does everyone know that we control almost aspect of this planet’s inner way of living and sustaining? Is it that – with evolving generations – the significance of our lively-hoods, cultures, and overall planetary existence just isn’t important to the masses anymore?

Thank you for reading, reader. You are awesome to us and this team.


For You: Some Jammies for your Hammies:






 “Every week, just looking for that ONE article….”








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