NAME Blogazine [ISS.1] “Truth?! TRUTH?! I Couldn’t Handle It” – The Birth of N.A.M.E.”

This blogazine was originally written November 14, 2014. After several edits, drafts, and walk-a-ways, this is the final product for issue #1.




Everyone's Mother mechaneu-design-sphere

*May we bow our eyes and raise our heads for a quick moment of prayer, please*


“Dear most divine and Heavenly Father(s), We thank you for the hearts, minds, and souls of this planet, as each and every one of these humans does their day to day thing in this wonderful planet. We ask that you watch over and protect these humans, excuse me, these sophisticated animals of this planet, as we collectively adventure through this existence that you have allowed us to be a part of. In honor to all of those who love, share, and care throughout our entire planet’s being, let the folks of NAME say it together,


Page 1

NAME Blogazine Manifesto


To the reader:

“If you look it up, the word “manifest” has its roots in the Latin “manifestum”, which means clear or conspicuous. See? A manifesto is simply a declaration of your beliefs, opinions, motives, and intentions” (



Basically, if you look at it this way, all bloggers are their own magazine, or “Blogazine” company. Just by having the blogger (or bloggers) writing out their hearts feelings, emotions, passions and all of that jazz that they deem important for their writing expression and reader base, you have this entire newsstand – – just stacked up with all types of magazines. From food to fashion to film to financing, the Blogazine is nothing new for this hosting platform – LEADING number 1 in hosting websites – Do ya THANG, WordPress.


As for our team here behind the keys of NAME, if you have been rocking with us for a while, you know a bit of what we’re focused on – some more than others depending on mood / manner / mind state – riding through the universe on Planet Earth. If you are new, no worries, first and foremost, thank YOU for reading this Blogazine. Secondly, links to previous articles will be circulated throughout certain issues.


That is all we have for now, and we thank you for reading.

Page 2

Work With Me Humans, Please.

No one is perfect, this we know, for the man-made cliché’s tells us so. It sucks, but that is a part of our nature. We strive to be, but we are merely machines of animalistic free-will.

 What would YOU do if:

  • You wanted to do something major for a positive cause, but couldn’t speak to a public sector about it?
  • Not knowing what to do in order to progress your life, you appear to be stagnant for an extended period of time?
  • You fear what you wanted to change*?
  • You have no home to assist in change*?

*A collective of like-minded individuals who are seeking something new and refreshing for the world that they DO have power and a say within.

 Unnecessary Roughness

When you love an idea. Then let it go. To try to change what you cannot. Never giving up what you think is right. To have everything you ever thought was “correct” to be absolute rubbish. Then what? Try to boulder your way in? No way (Whistle) unnecessary roughness – fat guy in the purple shirt. Coach is mad, fans are pissed, the other team is NOT a fan of this, and the teammates just look at you like “WELP – Fuck You, Man.”


Page 3

Writing Hiatus

Page 4


Intro still photo

 Replogle globes. The World Is Yours.

Page 5

My Picture

One Dude

  Me_DULL-Character1  Me_DULL-Character5Me_DULL-Character2Me_DULL-Character3Me_DULL-Character4

Multiple Personalities


What do you get when you mix the pursuit for understanding the world’s “Black Encyclopedia Pages”, wanting to change the world, a passion for the environment, a fascination with the man-made cults, religions, and doctrines of a culture, all wrapped up inside of a broke, unemployed artist living with his parents in the typical suburban setting?

It all started when I wanted something BETTER for myself. I was in deep into the underground driving world. Fast cars, long drives to various exotic locations around the planet, and meeting new people of like-minded endeavors (entrepreneurs and adventurers). I dreamt of having this one day. I still do. But, somehow, directions became lost and destinations were changed.

Welcome to the mind of Kingdom Sun CEO, Matthew Johnson.

K.S. is an imaginary interplanetary company with only 3 members on staff. Matthew, Marcineo Jonfogastine, and Jeneral Milwaukee. Side characters from the office include Frank, Jebedyah, Dr. Packingwood, and the various students from around our “campus”. From the days of trying to express to the planet that we are in fact important to each other (you – the readers – and I) as well as this world, these mental entities set out to change your world.

Without any experience in hand of how to do this, they boldly casted out their ideas, thoughts, and opinions to the universe, to be read, criticized, and published throughout the internet. Fuelled by a common passion and appreciation for the planet, her beauty, resources, mysteriousness, and sustainable future, we have a menu of spontaneous ideas, theories, and ‘classroom style’ presentations of what the planet and the universe means to this colorful cast of characters.

What motivates you to do what you?

In all honesty, to change how humans see the world – But you know you cannot change anyone at ALL – learned the hard way – but there are people out there within the 8 billion human population who might agree with you, and that does feel positive. You have at least one fan that could be anticipating your next act, your next piece, your next ARTicle, whatever you decide to do, someone out there might be digging what you do. So, I would say – to your question – the power to express yourself under the dome of this man-made reality life. – But then, I can’t really put a solid definition to this question, it could be driven by the powers of the celestial divine, the purpose to simply ‘do’ and have a way to channel energy in healthy ways.

Page 6


360 Realty Flyer

360 Realty: Our World Revolves Around You!

Page 6+1 / 8-1

What is the purpose of NAME News?

New Allegiance to Mother Earth. The superior D.U.D.E. that assisted in the birth of this existence through evolution, which we are just a tiny operation of the system of the universe, but we all are important, in some weird, divine way. I wanted to stop wars, famine, greed, environmental destruction, cultural clashing, all that negative stuff that I did not like. Being simply a blog, without any support from out sources, we chose to rant and rave on what we wanted to see differently. Being broke, the dreams take a bit longer, but with steady persistence and determination we hold it true that we can shake and shift a trend for a continuous advancement of the human culture.

Who inspires you?

Other than my hardworking Father, musicians and writers. “Artists”. All artists. Even drivers, because driving is an art form all within itself.

Where do you want to see your brand 10 years from now?

Ran as a legit enterprise. I initially intended to turn C.U.E. (Creative University of Earthlings) into a school of some sort, and still would love to have that happen within the future. I am not sure how my actions and ideas have torn that away, but I still feel that it could be something worth capitalizing on in the future.

What all does Kingdom Sun operate?

We started NAME News, C.U.E., KSTV, DULL Comics, Bugged, and an nightly show entitled Cosmic Coins, but that has not left production quite yet.

We thank you for the interview, anything else you want to share before we wrap up?

WHY YES, there is. As things begin to continue around the campus and ourselves as individuals, the art of expression, the evaluation of self within this mmK, we will be playing around with public awkward theories and how to cancel my fear of the public sector. We can’t change the ENTIRE world, but we can attempt to change the immediate surroundings that we are a part of – all in the hope of spreading that positive vibe onto others – which eventually transforms the one thing we wanted to do directly, changing our world for the better.


Page 8

Authors Note


I am starting this blogazine series, because for one I am BORED with blogging. Really, I am not as useful to the keys like I used to be. So now, we have the ideas of the team, all composed into these compilations. I hope this shift into a new drive will increase the horses and articles per week for this……. whatever this blog is now.


Peace, Ya’ll.


 NAME Blogazine.



Bonus Material?

Off-Camera Audio:

Am I bipolar? A wise woman told me (several times) that I was, and she is extremely wise. I have never made arrangements to have this checked by a REAL doctor, technically, but she “thought” I was. Can’t say that I don’t blame her.

You and I can both see, around the world today, this global culture is not functioning correctly. I understand why, its how the imagiNATION of a land is designed and then performed for such land.

For many of the people who have followed along with the blog already, they may have noticed that I have taken a detour from the outlined direction of the site.

*Spirituality and religion* (deep sigh)

I can’t leave the idea alone of the human and the actual make-up of our once superior selves. It seems to me – since blogging for NAME – that when you marry an idea, with your whole heart, the word divorce is never in your vocabulary.

It really all started with Christianity, then Islam, then Judaism, then Buddhism, then looking into being a Rasta. I was REALLY all over the place, trying to find where to fit or something. I grew up in the church. The musical influence, the public speaking, it all started there. I did what I could during the earlier years, and cherish them all. Then college changed me in a weird ass way. This is when I thought I was “suppose” to be more “DOWN” and [yells out] “My Brother”. So, with this mindset, I figure Islam was the way to roll. Quick story even quicker, that was not what I ‘heard’ it was to be. So, I moved to Judaism, which did not resonate spiritually, so I left the literature alone less than 24 hours. I had a buddy who was Buddhist, and this seemed to be the way to roll. He was black, happy, from what I had seen, and spiritually happy. But, again, the tactic of behavior never sat well for me – I was in love with automobiles and auto racing. I love our species artistry of transportation too much.

I was spiritually out of shape. “Pew-hopping” from trying to find somewhere to belong. What I came to realize with this out of shape mentality, is that they all were alike in situational ways. Not really different from one another, obviously the cultures, languages, and deistical dictatorships were different, but the overall idea behind the bond that drove them together was aligned. Some just leave others who are not from that culture away, or out, I thought.

I’m still out of shape. A lot better than before, but still, improving is always a nice trait to work on. I do believe in a (some) superior deity, which laid the blueprint for man’s kingdom, I just do not see the modern outlook of religions from a global stance. If cultures can break the barriers of separation that deteriorates the actors of the world stage, – you and I – we can fix things, we can make improvements to the human condition. The future condition for a brighter tradition. We will get shit done.

These are just the ideas I have from trying to make sense of society so I can maintain [my sanity] and what not. This isn’t fact, it is merely my expression of opinion through the experiences I have met with. It is really hard to say if things will ever be better. Not just in America, but globally. You see these companies and chains expanding all over the world, exemplifying the global mindset and vision, but our masses are far behind. Lagging. Even myself, to try to be polite in public is a wildcard. You never know what a person is going through, you know?




4 thoughts on “NAME Blogazine [ISS.1] “Truth?! TRUTH?! I Couldn’t Handle It” – The Birth of N.A.M.E.”

  1. Very interesting read.. You said
    “In all honesty, to change how humans see the world – But you know you cannot change anyone at ALL”..

    So true.. until we take 100% responsibility for all our actions and stop blaming others.. We can change nothing upon this earth.. All we can do is change ourselves..

    Most of us too are still Spiritually out of shape…. or we would not be in the Earth Dimension being taught some much needed lessons in Human Form.

    Blessings NAME… and wishing you a great week

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