Letter to Management

Dear Employees,

I apologize for my lack of presence within the office. I have been pondering what else is there to this company. These theories and reports all seem mutual throughout the world of understanding. So, where does that leave this company?

Through relentless efforts of trying to understand what the fuck is wrong with this planet, its people, the cultures that shape a generation, I, Matthew, have no clue as to what the fuck is going on – on a ‘REAL WORLD LEVEL’.

I can stress and strain my brain to ideas and thoughts of a place (Earth) that “could” exist, but with a SEVERE lack of connecting with the humans that are around me, immediate, the art of connection and “SINCERE” networking does not exist. Sadly.

I hope you all had a happy, healthy, and humorous holiday.


Matthew Johnson


17 thoughts on “Letter to Management

  1. Mathew, you have made a difference! It seems so physical as “we” spiritually have so much happening. Eckhart Tolle summed it up for me, that everything is an inside job, and the details are happening. So as we release all that is heavy and dense, our earth raises in vibration as well. My husband told me this recently, it’s no big deal to get upset about this or that, because multiple universes are in “you” This was a man who used to say ” stop talking about that spiritual crap” Suddenly a lightbulb of light caught him between the eyes! And he tells my family the ” stuff I write about”! I am not sure if you have been told you are an “elemental ” a grounded part of earth” literally, that’ s why you have felt its pain . The ironic part is you are a Starseed as well, which is a whole different take on the infinite universe in you me and everyone else.. We truly are much more ” powerful” than “we” think we are and we want to give up! The truth is if we can just give up our attachments to “anything” we are FREE!
    Opps I just realized I blogged u back with so many words! Truly though you have researched so many AMZing questions and have made a difference as this has been your divine mission! You signed up for this in this lifetime Matt and it is truly magnificent. As this no attachment to results starts to kick in this is where FREEdom exists! Oh my this is part of my divine mission to communicate this to you, you have always been a great support! Heart to heart Robyn.
    You have support from this Hu man!

  2. Dear Ms. Robyn,

    I have been told that I bring this “negative Nancy” disposition upon myself, and I agree. The highs and lows that come from thinking about matters of our planet really does take it’s toll on you. ESPECIALLY when you try so hard to understand what is wrong – what is this social convention that our kingdom is battling against. It is a path of winding and uncleared territory.

    You really laid out some inspiring words above, and I thank you for that. Seriously. You took the time to express some meaningful words, and that means a lot. All I have is “thank you.”

    You and your site rock, and please, continue doing your thing.


    • Matthew I appreciate your raw candor and your awareness of the illusions that can pull us down. Keep being you as well, your mission is a non conventional New “Now Moment” I was raised very very 3D, so I understand the shift it takes to BE our amazing unlimited selves in unity…Robyn

  3. i love all the words written on this screen right now – matt, robyn, you both have given me some validation today and a reminder that what i feel is collective and it is very real and many people are FEELING the energies at hand. it is just so comforting to know that i am not alone in how i feel… thank you for sharing this! ā¤

    • Audrey thank you for looking deeply into your own life and our dialog here. Yes we are a unit of vibration with our collective and love is the highest Hu man vibration we can BE. We are connected in love as we journey through this universe. Many of us feel hear see taste and perceive so deeply we think we are separate, yet this is a mere illusion, as we let go of our ego based (fear based) perceptions and thoughts, peace becomes our highway to high vibrations and love takes over. Grateful in this “now” Heart to Heart Robyn

  4. I too was pondering the plight of this planet’s people just this afternoon. I have decided if only one attribute of humanity were allocated at a mandatory level – it would KINDNESS. Think about it. All the evils KINDNESS would elliminate. The list is endless.

  5. Matthew! There IS Hope! Don’t Despair. First, turn off the “News” 2nd. Play (Sing and Dance to) Your Favorite Music; 3rd. Go Deeply Inside YourSelf…(there’s Love there); 4th. Do Little Favors everywhere, (don’t expect a “Thank You!” Nor an “I Owe You One!” Tell’em to Pay it Forward, doing 3 Favors to 3 different people, w/o EVER expecting Anything in Return. Join a Timebank, in your Area; practice Gratitude…, Be Loving to the One Person Everyone Else is Ignoring–You’ll make their Day, Week…, Month,…! Avoid Negative People, even Family, greet YouSelf in the Mirror, w/ a Funny Face. (Pls. Let go of the “F” and like words. Words, and Thoughts are–as I’m learning the hard way–extremely Powerful. Lastly, Look under the Blanket you’ve Wrapped YourSelf under–find the Light within, make it Bigger. til it Touches Others.

    Now Go! Enjoy Reveillion (New Year).

    In Loving Kindness, Lightseeker89

    • You provide positive messages and a few ideas of kindness to share. I do practice the music thing, from time to time. I have also shifted away from television. This list is really positive and inspirational. I thank you for stopping by and leaving this for reading.

      I will try to enjoy the New Years as well. I hope you do the same your way.

      Thank you again, seriously, and stay awesome.

      -N.N. Team

      • šŸ˜„šŸ˜˜šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‹šŸ˜ˆšŸ˜‡šŸ‘½āœØšŸ’šŸŒˆšŸŽ‰šŸŽŠšŸŽ†šŸ“šŸŽ¶šŸƒā˜•ļøšŸ•šŸ°šŸ®šŸŽ­ā›ŗļø…, There U have it! Now, it’s my Turn to grt off my Phone & Computer!!!

      • ThankYou! If you wonly knew all the Black Tunnels w/ no Light at their Ends I’ve gone through, in Life, it’s Amazing–even to me–‘m not a “Bitter Old Lady…” My guess is that it has Something to do with this Excellent Book I’ve been reading, called “Frequency,” by Penny Peirce (sic). Meanwhile, in Honor of many of the other Bloggers, who are or may be going through Lightless Tunnels, especially due to Stigma, here’s a Photo to Lift their Spirits. It’s a Magnet I used to have on Maxie’s Driver side Door. See my Blog,

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