An Engineering Marvel; Tiny House Truck

Creativity Award Nominee suggestion #1

Preindustrial Craftsmanship

That transforms into a modernist castle.

As usual, Lloyd Kahn always finds the good stuff to post when it comes to unique Shelter.  The Tiny House Truck is built on an old flatbed and is a true marvel of engineering as it “pops” out into a faux castle.  An appropriate home I suppose for these traveling performers.  Some of the luxuries include a separated toilet, separated shower, full kitchen, and a bath tub (with hot water) on the roof patio.  There are some extremely modern amenities and ingenious storage solutions here.  It is worth the twelve minutes to watch the video and see this remarkable home as still photos do not do it justice.

The original story is on the Living Big in a Tiny House blog HERE.

LIVINGBIG-LOGO Click to go to the Living Big website.

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2 thoughts on “An Engineering Marvel; Tiny House Truck

  1. WOW! Of All Theories, Certainties, Cosmological Thoughts about the Nature of and Composition of the Universe, I’ve NEVER ran into a More Creative and yet Coherent Thought on ou Sun, Planets, Solar System, Galaxy, etc. I LOVE IT!

    ✨Love the way you Think!✨

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