Novel Nugget #1: Writing Spawns MORE Writing

Working through this writing challenge has been pretty steady so far. What I have learned from the past eight days of writing, is that writing spawns more writing. I just REALLY dislike when I am writing out an idea, and a side tangent, or argument, or new direction is available, and I forget it while trying to finish up the original thought in process.

Here is a slice from what I have thus far:


Existence Outside of The [mmK]: 2 Reasons Why I am WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! (2 Theories) – BRING PLUTO BACK!

HOLY SNAPPLE! What if I have this theory of Sun and Earth all wrong?!!!!! What if Earth and Sun are merely brother and sister – along with the other planets that spiral around the sun?

Here is the new idea: Earth, Sun and the other planets of this solar system are brothers and sisters – not like a marriage partnership. How could this be? Could this work? What roles could these planets play? Which planets are the brothers and which are the sisters? – The Males and the Females?

Sticking with our main characters – Sun and Earth – inside of this universe, what role would this match up within the solar system? The Sun is the energy…. (Lost my train of thought)




What if the sun is merely the umbilical cord of this solar system? And all of the planets feed from the energy that is connected to the maternal womb of the universe? We have life and energy that is center to all things possible from the sun, and the energy that is harboring this life of our galaxy in the larger area of the universe (the LARGER aspect area holding the NUMERIOUS galaxies of the universe) is just another aspect of the womb that is holding all of this together.

So, could it be, that THE D.U.D.E. (Developer of Universal Destiny and Existence) is the author of not only the bang of our solar systematic pregnancy, but of all the cosmic galaxies and universes that span all throughout the visible and invisible universe? And, just like fathers to their sons, other big bangs and wombs meet – happening through some form of attractive operation (like how humans come together when they want to combine their DNA together for the making of a child), making more smaller, more intimate galaxies and cosmic solar systems of operation – just like our corner of this solar system inside our Milky Way galaxy. —

In short, the sun of our solar system is an extension of the womb of maternal life. The planets, that have no choice but to revolve around this energy feeder, are the children to this solar system and the “Big Bang D.U.D.E.” that started this existence / evolution / growth from birth of our solar system’ existence. The planets that make up our solar system are brother and sister – but how would we be able to determine the sex of each? Since Earth has the only life sustaining inner operation of making MORE life, could we universally say that, “Earth, is in fact female?”

As far as the other planets are concerned, could we say that they are all males? Only acting as an influence towards Earth, and how things within her inner operations (seasons, ocean patterns, etc.) function – Example: The moon affects the tides of the oceans. Do the other celestial planet’s represent something to Earth’s inner operation – like the development of a specific animal, it’s traits, characteristics, etc. just like the human being?

There are 8 planets in our immediate solar system. 1 energy source – “The Sun” – powered by energy from outside of our solar system. The only sister of the solar system, Earth. Could it be, that ALL Earthlings and animals of the planet, are half Earth, half another planet? Or maybe, 33% Earth, 33% one planet, and 33% another planet? OR, 25% Earth, 25% percent of three other planets?

What about the planet Pluto and it’s operative existence around this system. Should we bring Pluto back onto the roster again? Pluto could be a factor in the operation of this theory’s understanding to how humans of Earth are born from the existence and influence of the planets around them while on Earth.





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