Author’s Intro

There is no way to be happy within this mmK – for me, the writer that is writing this passage that you are reading now. This country, the surrounding kingdoms, and its people within them, are living in a time of mere sadness and something else I cannot describe. But, it is not healthy.

I do not know what it is, but I feel within my heart, that this place is not in the correct balance of its people and resources.  I feel things are absolutely out of balance, something is just not correct, on our global stage. I am not a writer, and I like that. I do, however, wish to paint these words onto this plastic screen for visual conversation.

If you read the following, I thank you.


5 thoughts on “Author’s Intro

  1. When we are aware of the imbalance “we realize the imbalance is in “us” Then the shift begins, As all of the infinite universes in us, call us to balance ourselves to be a guidepost. This balance has started after 26 thousand years, to bring us out of the unconscious we awaken into what we have been looking for “our higher selves.”, connected to all and everything!

    • We all will find a way to alter the feeling for more positive ways, I think – if we really want to. As for myself, I am (attempting to) using what artistic tools I have within myself to just spread around. I hope you find a positive motivation to counter the vibes that bring you down. Thank you for stopping by the studio.

      Stay well,

      -N.N. Team

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