Letter to WordPress [Business Idea]

Paper Scatter


Dear WordPress Team, Management, and Associates

I am Matthew Johnson, a fan of your site. I really am. I was going to write this down, but hey, I figured I had nothing to lose if I wrote this for your team as well as the ‘fan’ to read. I was thinking of the ways I could apply my expertise of artistry within this world, because it is really all I know. Then I started looking up blogs on folk stories, and ran into a blogger by the name of Making Believe and this idea hit me, hard, upside the dome piece:

What if you offered a service to your clients who use your beloved site for punching keyboards and smartphone screens that allowed them to book together their entire blogging existence into a neat novel / blogger’s collectors edition series / book of their entire site’s writings, images, etc? Like a “(insert blogger’s name here) greatest hits” or something?

I would definitely pay to have my writings into a novel form of all of my articles and rants.

Now, is this invasion of privacy? I do not think so – unless you posted their drafts that were never meant to be shared with the universe. Bu,t I have scrolled your company page, you all are awesome, I wouldn’t think this would happen.

(Back to our Original idea)

There are some SERIOUS bloggers who have massive amounts of posts and articles within your website’s universe, and fun Fact “WordPress makes up about 24% of the WORLD WIDE WEB!”

(Serious numbers)

So, with a high content volume of a bloggers entire existence, you can volume each of the blogger’s post – like volume 1: January 2, 09 – December 31, 09, and just continue this model for however long they want their posts to be cataloged.

Just a business idea I had. I think you could maximize on this idea, as well as aid in the assistance of your bloggers who TRULY rely on your services, and would like to make a little piece for themselves. Four hands are better than two.




The dude who enjoys your site and services

Matthew Johnson


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