[Image] CUE Art Department Presents..

Kingdom in Queendom Artflyer logo

Thank You All For Attending

We now present the piece of the evening:

The Queen and King of The MMK


This copy has been censored, but the original can be seen (by clicking on ‘here’ you acknowledge that you are at least 18 years of age)

An Observation
Only these two types of humans can continue this existence and operation of life. Through the awesomeness that is the human species, we are making strides to become our own physical universe within this solar system.

It is possible that we may have our own kingdoms that will be spawned from Earth and ran according to how those kings and queens want it to be governed, all while continuing this kingdom here on Earth.

*Those energy Deities that you praise (even though we argue over them – which is ridiculous) played a factor in the makings and shaping’s of our Universe, which has allowed us to make and shape this mmk and many more to come – on AND off of Earth.


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