The Battle of the Spirit(s) Part -1

WHATUP, Earthlings? IF you do / will not read this in its entirety, could you at LEAST help a brother out with a couple of life questions that I have?:

1. As the planet becomes more “accepting” to this shift of color barriers, does this mean that we are rising intellectually and spiritually as well?

2. How can a person without a spiritual doctrine handle himself if he does not have one?

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We humans have religions that beef among each other, we have ladies and dudes who read cards, warming crystals, meditations with candles and scents, all to help humans who are “spiritually lost” or “spiritually disoriented”, and if one these works for you, hats off to you and your practice. Hats off to your soulful dedication. That is what makes a religious practice, a religious thing, right? (Or am I wrong?)

I personally have fallen out of the various “practices” that rule and regulate this planet, because nothing has resonated within my soul and spirit like your practice does for you.

I may write a few things here and there, about Earth, the environment, the human condition, and our cults that makes the culture what it is, but how can these critiques help me further along as a simple dude trying to make it in this man-made Kingdom?

Being a raised bible belt baby, to *NOW* actually taking a look around the planet at the billions of humans that make this place so, we are lacking sight and vision. Harmony. Understanding.

Will it always be this way? Maybe? Maybe not? But, there would have to be something SO MAJOR within the cultural paradigm that we live within, it would have no choice but to re-build the human condition of what it means to be a human in this planet’s condition.

I am not bashing anyone’s practices for a better way to live and have that connection to the higher power, in fact, I wish I had that.

Everyone has their thing that makes them want to be a better person, and it seems EVERY [EXPLICIT] HUMAN on this planet is in accordance with this rule of how to be “this”, “that” and being able to simply “do.”

All throughout history, it has followed the human condition, but yet, we have not risen out of this stagnant phase of blocking the higher perception of life.

I look at your religions, your rituals, your meditations, your everything you do for spiritual practice – as a vehicle. How many makes, models, and types roam throughout your land of occupancy?

HUH? How Many? I dare to say at LEAST 10. But, if they all are getting you from “A” to “B” to “C” to “D” to “E”, Alllllllll the way back to “A” again, isn’t that the main purpose? Driving safely within the commute of fellow machine operators? (Safety first, right?)

We function and operate differently, but, with this ‘code of conduct’ following the land, we’re all [EXPLICIT] washed out and trained to hate each other.

I do not like the current paradigm of our human condition.


*damn, this felt quite nice to just type out.

(I doubt the 4 couples who seen me who were of *mixed* ethnicity’s will read this, but I do not give a flying fa-loffle about that, I applaud your efforts for BREAKING that mold of how “the rules” have said that only race A can be with race A, matching with every other letter throughout the English alphabet. If they make you happy, and you are not harming another human being in the process, fair love, right?)


5 thoughts on “The Battle of the Spirit(s) Part -1

  1. Beautifully written! Love the analytical expression here. The questions you have put down are thought provoking and are damn difficult to answer by someone like me who is dealing with similar kind. Becoming “accepting” to the shift of color barriers is not a sign of spiritual or intelligent growth (though my view). Accepting such trend is a personal preference and has no thread connecting to ones spirituality, even remotely.
    Acceptance is not about religions, trends, preferences or colors……………it is about people…..the humanity. Recognizing other person as a same species of humanity barring the color, code and practice. Connecting with the higher self has its roots within the self and not outside it. Whatever be our vehicle…………however different be the path…………….all lead to the divine one. So I determine no point in talking high about my path and ridiculing other’s path. Humanity itself is a natural religion, above and beyond all man made religions. Love is the only thing which groups and strengthens us under this religion.

    If someone from other race loves you, respects, cares and protects you….what harm is there in accepting that person? No sacred text has ever talked about hating or harming our fellow humans. It is our incomplete understanding of the divine teachings that makes us hollow hearted and hate each other in the name of religion. When a person understands the language of love and forgiveness in its complete sense, he /she will never ever think of studying the chapter of hatred. We all are limited versions of that ONE unlimited version. Lets stay in peace as equals without trying to master others. This planet EARTH belongs to all of us and the mother has never been biased to her children any time. Saying this, I do not understand why we try to fight for parts of her when SHE completely belongs to us…

    Let peace prevail in our hearts and lips talk the language of love.

    Stay Blessed!

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