Battery Design & Innovation News

Trying to tell ya’ll – Were moving…. STOMPING to a brighter planet, for even better planets through discovery and innovation.

Mawu Days

1. A new design using a mesh solar panel creates a cleaner and more efficient ‘solar battery’.

“The university would license the solar battery to industry, where Yiying Wu, professor of chemistry and biochemistry at Ohio State, said it would help tame the costs of renewable energy. The researchers believe that the device could bring down the costs by 25 percent.”

via Scientists develop world’s 1st ‘solar battery’ that runs on light, air | Zee News.

2. A flow battery (liquid electrolytes) that uses low grade vanadium, a waste product from abandoned oil wells and mines, finds a usage for a toxic byproduct previously considered waste and builds a cheaper battery that ‘can be recharged an infinite number of times.’


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