Changing the World’s Angle

Morgan Freeman explains this nicely.

We are beginning to rewrite the course of our man made existence on this planet. The things that we bring into our reality are now seen as a planetary importance to each of us. Humans, the only objects of this natural planet who have deity-like power to change our situation for the better as a species for the future, are changing this planet’s perspective.


7 thoughts on “Changing the World’s Angle

    • As long as the edits are benefitting the majority, right? Ideas, thoughts, collaborations, innovations, this is what makes us powerful and dynamic. WE are all born with this.

      Thank you for stopping by the studio, you are always welcomed.

      -N.N. Team

      • Pleasure is mine. You have put it aptly. Though we are endowed with so much mightiness,….sometimes, we fail to recognize our true worth. And we require constant reminders to realize that each time. 🙂

        Thank you for the warm welcome always. Stay Blessed! Reva.

        P.S. May I know your name, friend?

      • My Pleasure, Matt (hope you are okay with this). It feels so good to call someone by name or some nick name instead of Namenews or N.A.M.E. It makes the connection stronger. I guess……….we all are relatives on this planet. Some or the other emotion connecting us. Stay wonderful! 🙂

      • It is all cool this way with you, Reva. I agree, we all are a large family. I hope YOU are awesome and staying amazing. *connection tighter*


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