(IMAGE/VIDEO) Black Suppression


A sad planet.

The direction of the times by humans have been controlled with these ideals and wanted situations in mind.

A common idea, a shared ideology.

This kingdom has the know how, but it still moves on without any compassion.

Just spitting at the ground of the deities.

Even if proven a deity was legit, would it matter in this mmK?

(IMAGE) [mmK] The Greatest Created Creation by Creatures of Earth


The greatest “creation”* ever on this planet, is “creating”* and sustaining a kingdom that imitates this UNIVERSAL EXISTENCE kingdom that divinely “created”* us. Playing as a deity in every aspect of the kingdom, Earth, we have the potential to write a version of code that defines the Universe’s instruction manual within Earth. Acting as one, nature is like the fan favorite game, “SIMON”, and we are continuously trying to match the patterns and sequences that surrounds us.

Mastering the patterns of SIMON, we then can control within our own kingdom development corporation.

*creating, creator, creation, it is all the same, we just break down the terms of the dudes for confusion.

[Image] CUE Art Department Presents..

Kingdom in Queendom Artflyer logo

Thank You All For Attending

We now present the piece of the evening:

The Queen and King of The MMK


This copy has been censored, but the original can be seen (by clicking on ‘here’ you acknowledge that you are at least 18 years of age)

An Observation
Only these two types of humans can continue this existence and operation of life. Through the awesomeness that is the human species, we are making strides to become our own physical universe within this solar system.

It is possible that we may have our own kingdoms that will be spawned from Earth and ran according to how those kings and queens want it to be governed, all while continuing this kingdom here on Earth.

*Those energy Deities that you praise (even though we argue over them – which is ridiculous) played a factor in the makings and shaping’s of our Universe, which has allowed us to make and shape this mmk and many more to come – on AND off of Earth.

Battery Design & Innovation News

Trying to tell ya’ll – Were moving…. STOMPING to a brighter planet, for even better planets through discovery and innovation.

Mawu Days

1. A new design using a mesh solar panel creates a cleaner and more efficient ‘solar battery’.

“The university would license the solar battery to industry, where Yiying Wu, professor of chemistry and biochemistry at Ohio State, said it would help tame the costs of renewable energy. The researchers believe that the device could bring down the costs by 25 percent.”

via Scientists develop world’s 1st ‘solar battery’ that runs on light, air | Zee News.

2. A flow battery (liquid electrolytes) that uses low grade vanadium, a waste product from abandoned oil wells and mines, finds a usage for a toxic byproduct previously considered waste and builds a cheaper battery that ‘can be recharged an infinite number of times.’

via http://www.engineering.com/ElectronicsDesign/ElectronicsDesignArticles/ArticleID/8536/Turning-Toxic-Waste-into-Batteries.aspx

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