So Let’s Talk War here on Wednesday

A lot of history and facts in this article. A scary idea to have in regards of religion, though. But, that’s how things are in the land of man-made kingdoms.

Unload and Unwind

anything you can doDo you ever get the feeling that the world’s political and religious leaders are engaged in a continual game of ‘Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better’?  It feels that way to me and when I look back through history at the trail of blood and pain spilled in the name of who has the best god I get so very angry.  There was a time when religion was used deliberately by governments as a mean of subduing the local populations of countries they invaded.

This was and is a practice going back to the days of the Roman Empire right through to the British colonization of much of the world and now today as we see our leaders whip a frenzy of fear, fan the flames of fanaticism on all sides of the debate and prepare to reap the financial rewards that war brings to countries in flux…

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