[Image] A Worldwide S.o.S.


“Welcome Nations to the Lunch Buffet. For today’s course of menu, we will have a wonderful spread of vegetables, exotic cuisines, macaroni and cheese, wine, all the fixings, so COME ON, let’s eat, laugh, and repeat. Talk and be merry. Share. Debate. Discuss problems and find solutions.”

“No one gives a ****. “

“The tools for improving the way of life for humans all over this planet in divine fashion will not be made mainstream.” “Unless you can fund it yourself.”

There are some days I despise logging onto WordPress simply because when I do, I am greeted by negative and recycled stories of how this country is doing this to that country, the money factor, gas, resources, invading, weapons are sitting here, people are sick here and there, race and disputes are rising, what the frack?

If you can see, or notice within the bottom of the picture, you see several country flag colors, wrapped around a log of excrement. This is my view of today’s world. We have amazing countries, doing their thing, but we are shitting on societies. Shitting on our cultures. Shitting on what it means to live in this moment of existence.

Countries shitting on their neighbors, in crazy ways and fashions. For what? Is THIS this divine heavenly planet that we are creating? Are we going in circles, again, destroying one culture in order to “create” another?

I guess everyone has grown to accept it.

Welcome to the [mmK].


4 thoughts on “[Image] A Worldwide S.o.S.

  1. It is astonishing how many people think global warming is a hoax(48% in US by one survey) and also how low it is on the priority list of people’s concerns. Jerks. If we don’t have a habitable planet nothing else matters.

    • No one cares, man. No one cares. We’ll just continue eating food that our insides were not designed to digest and bombing each other. Enjoy your 80+ degree Winter.

  2. Not everyone accepts this to the same extents. Many are vegetarians or vegans, grow their own food and live a humble, loving, honest life. Everything starts within. We can speculate on the harshness in our environment, but unless we are growing in love ourselves, the vibration in the world will not rise. I’ve started with myself and have seen many wonderful changes in my immediate environment. Take the steps. Have a pure desire.

    • I agree with everything you mentioned. I also am excited that your recent shifts in actions are benefiting you in a more productive, meaningful vibration. I think I will try your suggestion soon.

      Thank you for words and reply.


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