The App Break Review: Durga V.S. Asuras

Are you an Android App gamer? Do you enjoy playing amazing high score adventure games via your Android device when you have time? Do you HAVE TO have the high score among your inner circle? Well, haha, YOU should check out the AMAZING RPG App ‘Durga vs Asuras’! An amazing Android app, which you can find here:

A continuous flowing map of adventure, you play as Durga, who collects coins, health, and perks as she runs through the map and Asuras.

Try it out, its fun, fantastic, and free! (Unless you do want to support it, then do your thing)

Developing Crew: geeksandninjas

So Let’s Talk War here on Wednesday

A lot of history and facts in this article. A scary idea to have in regards of religion, though. But, that’s how things are in the land of man-made kingdoms.

Unload and Unwind

anything you can doDo you ever get the feeling that the world’s political and religious leaders are engaged in a continual game of ‘Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better’?  It feels that way to me and when I look back through history at the trail of blood and pain spilled in the name of who has the best god I get so very angry.  There was a time when religion was used deliberately by governments as a mean of subduing the local populations of countries they invaded.

This was and is a practice going back to the days of the Roman Empire right through to the British colonization of much of the world and now today as we see our leaders whip a frenzy of fear, fan the flames of fanaticism on all sides of the debate and prepare to reap the financial rewards that war brings to countries in flux…

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[Image] A Worldwide S.o.S.


“Welcome Nations to the Lunch Buffet. For today’s course of menu, we will have a wonderful spread of vegetables, exotic cuisines, macaroni and cheese, wine, all the fixings, so COME ON, let’s eat, laugh, and repeat. Talk and be merry. Share. Debate. Discuss problems and find solutions.”

“No one gives a ****. “

“The tools for improving the way of life for humans all over this planet in divine fashion will not be made mainstream.” “Unless you can fund it yourself.”

There are some days I despise logging onto WordPress simply because when I do, I am greeted by negative and recycled stories of how this country is doing this to that country, the money factor, gas, resources, invading, weapons are sitting here, people are sick here and there, race and disputes are rising, what the frack?

If you can see, or notice within the bottom of the picture, you see several country flag colors, wrapped around a log of excrement. This is my view of today’s world. We have amazing countries, doing their thing, but we are shitting on societies. Shitting on our cultures. Shitting on what it means to live in this moment of existence.

Countries shitting on their neighbors, in crazy ways and fashions. For what? Is THIS this divine heavenly planet that we are creating? Are we going in circles, again, destroying one culture in order to “create” another?

I guess everyone has grown to accept it.

Welcome to the [mmK].