Wait, Humans are Satellite Dishes?

Humans are Satellites

*Some terms and associations may be off. Bare with me, people.

You see a satellite dish, this dish’s signal is traveling to SPACE, people. Space.

Then, from space, the LARGER satellite (that is in SPACE) is sending a signal down that comes BACK to the dish that you see before you.

Now, from this dish is a cord to a box (satellite receiver / tuner) of some sort, that receives these signals and transmissions for displaying images and information to the television screen that occupies a room with this receiver / tuner. Now, you have THOUSANDS of television channels for your comfort.

Satellite Humans:

Humans are the satellite dishes of Earth. We receive information / ideas from our solar satellite in space (the Sun) and then from the Sun, we receive numerous transmissions and information for our daily lives. The most important would be light, I think. Then from here, different humans tune in and transmit different channels of information and ideas, in which we share with the world around us.

To conclude, could we be satellites, as well as the television sets that displays and presents these received facts, ideas, and informational channels?


[Fun Fact: Everything in this solar system is a receiver of the “Super Satellite”.]

Matthew Johnson


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