Generation: Warfare

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I want to share with you this poster topic:

Environmental: We humans have power to make this planet awesome, but we do not, due to various issues and “perspectives” of how to “Create” this imagiNATION.

Cultural: We humans are controlled by the power of confusion and separation. If we are not united as one, then we can be divided as many sections as the lords of the land want us to be in.

Spiritual: HA. Money is the rule of the spirit of the world. By far, the only human enterprise that is equally praised as a sufficient commodity. Man-made kingdom, this shit is real.

Political: War and spiritual agendas, ways to make the world a fucked up enterprise. NOT the way of the world in the peaceful matter that divine attitudes contribute to this planet, not by mans ideals.

Medical: We have cures to help the sick, but we also have the power to fix what has been created in this m.m.K. We can fix this planet in a divine like heaven / paradise existence. But, nope. We are to rule and reign this Planet for domination.

The War for Earth is a depressing reality that man has “Created” in pursuit of…. various agendas. Look out for your family and yourself.


2 thoughts on “Generation: Warfare

  1. My generation was sincere in wanting to change the world. There were so many off us. What happened ? The megabanks and megacorps with lackey elected official run everything at the expense of all else and right to vote is illusion of democracy. Feel so disempowered.

    • Perhaps reviewing the paths that your generation paved would increase the idea and view for a better planet.

      It seems its always about money. I honestly do not know what to do….

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