Earth is ALL of Ours…. (SIKE!)

Everyone's Mother

As it rains outside, it is refreshing for some odd reason.

This entire blog is in no way entitled to a particular religion. Let’s make that clear. This was a site for HUMANiTY, for every single human of this planet, since everyone was so keen that religious labels and titles were helping the cause for humanity.

We do not know everything, but dammit when you see and witness the amount of madness and bullshit these enterprises are bringing into
“CREATION” of this man-made kingdom, it either was “created” for madness, or our humanity has not “EVOLVED” mentally enough to see the unity of this planet.

(Which all of your Deistical dudes are responsible for making, right?)

Humanity has evolved past this, right?

Thank you, “reader”, for reading.

Matthew Johnson
NAME News Team


8 thoughts on “Earth is ALL of Ours…. (SIKE!)

  1. Your blog is amazing! It is like diverse world of thoughts united under one single roof. Each blog post is unique in its own beautiful way. I saw your presence on my blog few days ago but failed to give a thought. I saw your presence again today and honestly wished to know your blog. I am finally here, touring your blog in slow paces. I am sorry for not being prompt. πŸ™‚

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