Whoa… Is Your Deity is an Atheist?

What if this was true. Your Deity of this Universe was just like us, and only knew this realm that was available for understanding. Would this dude think as we do? Thinking that nothing else resides PAST what we are and what we are building to be able to withstand within our OWN Universe (that is EARTH, FYI) for generations to come?

I find this thought extremely funny, like, what if these dudes were just thinking that nothing else resides be yond them. That, what they are making and “creating” is the bees-knees, all these galaxies, planets, micro planets, other species, etc. etc. etc. etc. Sounds just like humans on Earth just a bit. We are the gods of this planet, except we praise this entity that is above us, but yet, we have like 50 of these dudes, and only ONE mother (Earth).

hmmmm. Does not fit right now, at all. Sounds like Earth is the true God / Gaia of our lives, and the rest is we have used through confusion from the lack of modern understanding to this planet within this System in our galaxy.


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