Stop Limiting gods, you Wankers

EVERYONE is on this idea of the maker of the universe, and that is awesome to me, we are thinking about the foundations and cultural paradigms that have become so stagnant and BORING within this society. (Change is positive…. if for all who reside here on Earth)

If aliens DO exists within this universe, What does that mean for the ideals and the cultural shaping of our world as a whole in regards to creators and deities? (You limit that “creation” of the very deity you are praising)

These Deistical roles we have established for the control of man could be in a position to enhance? our existence as a planet – being one large family within the womb of this solar system.

Why limit such a power to these Deistical roles? Huh? Are we worried that the very fabric of these ideas would ruin a planet’s overall outlook? Of course not, well not for me anyways. I think there is more to this foundation of Earth within the Universe than man has YET to unfold and figure out.

Besides, that is the number one goal and objective for many that occupy an established role here in the mmK, to find out the answers and discoveries to life and this planet’s most intriguing mysteries.

Stop limiting imagination of the world, and let us “Creatively” find the next role and evolutionary idea for our entire planet’s sake.


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