Letter to the Atheist

I love you. You are a human being, just as I am, and I hope that I have done nothing to make you think otherwise.

I am deeply saddened that this planet’s current take on the Deistical dudes leaves you without the belief in a creator of this reality, but then again, I do not blame you for NOT believing.

The reasons are everywhere, sadly.

Look overseas.

Look at the towns and cities that occupy our lands.

A lot of things are shit, and it really is hard to believe that this ‘entity’ is still in rule and reign over this planet – Although, the sunlight shines every morning, so that is positive for the existence of lands and cultures, right?

But if I may, coming from my own personal take, experience, and understanding of revelations that have come before me –

This presence is alive and well. Well, maybe not “well”, but it is definitely alive and actually with you as you read this.

Now, I know, that many people fill the idea of this entity (just as myself) with their own personal take and understanding of what the Deistical dudes are doing and working on, how things may be ran, etc. etc. etc., and my experience may sound just as lame and (whatever else people label this idea as) that you have heard before.

Let me drop a quick analogy on you real quick like.

Webster’s term for god is, “any various beings conceived of as supernatural and immortal ;esp male deity – (which I debate against myself, but I digress) – an idol*, the Creator and ruler of the universe, Supreme Being.”

Within this finite planet, we humans are the masters of the current technological roles and practices at hand. From, ruling nations and how people think and understanding the world, to modern medicines, to the role of controlling perceptions and understandings, ALL things that we are in control of, are a part of the understanding that something else is above us humans. What rules above us? I consider Earth’s law in accordance with the sun, moon, and other planets, as well as orders of the Universe that we MUST continue to search and seek after.

No matter who, what, or where you are, your existence is important, your understanding and insight is VITAL to the world around you, and you are a creator in your own right.

(I mean you are blogging, right? You are creating material that (HOPEFULLY) benefits others to expand THEIR creative passions and dreams and pursuits – Religious or not. You are the Atheistic Creator, and I respect you for that.)


6 thoughts on “Letter to the Atheist

  1. “are a part of the understanding that something else is above us humans”

    Sorry, this sentence is either horribly wrong (if you are referring to something like god) or horribly trivial (if you referring to something like gravity), so it would be nice if you could clear that up for me, thank you…

    • The “natural divine reality” that is physical within Earth, that you, I, or any other human has no control of (But that does not stop our pursuits to attempt to control the divine reality)

      Humans imitate nature in pursuits of providing new “technologies” for our man-made kingdom.

      Now, to me, this “natural divine reality” is where the higher power / Energy / operation resides and functions systematically within ALLLLLLLLLLLL humans. It cares NOT for religious following a human may be.

      Thank you for your question, AM.

      • As far I as understand the concept, I’m afraid I must say that I don’t believe in it and thus don’t accept the premise that it is something “above us humans”.

      • Alright, maybe this Energy is not above us at all, perhaps, it is right here. We are living in it.

        The actions of nature are surely divine, and evident right outside the nearest window. The only divine deistical presence that is “above us humans” would be the Sunlight. (Which to some our planets ancestors, was the “presence for praising”)

      • Divine: An operation that is not controlled by human interaction?


        Divine: A system, function, network, that has withstood the element of time and creation before human interaction, and has continued it’s operation even as humans and the planet’s infrastructure has evolved.

        Examples: The Earth revolving around the sun? The seasonal changes of every region that is a part of this planet?

        Perhaps there is a better word that fits this, but this is what I have used and understood throughout this evaluation.

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