Diabolical Dictator: Interview for how to Take over your Planet

Welcome, WP readers, people who just read for fun, and that random fan that stops in to see “whats up”. I plan to copy a fellow blogger that I read about fairly often in an attempt to “create” a new persona for writing within this blogosphere of letters and words.

Diabolical Dictator: How I would take over Earth – Part 1

For starters, EVERYONE must worship the cause of continuing this operation of ruling this planet. I do not care what you do, as long as you make money and contribute. THAT is how the plan operates.

I need you, but MORE importantly, YOU need MY empire.

All power and energy is focused on a common ‘theme’ of identity. That will display the terms and your overall passion that will aid in the direction of controlling Earth.

And speaking of Earth, this is just a place in which we occupy, you do not need to care or focus your mind soul or spirit to this large spherical existence – NO!

This is just a ball of random things that is not controlled nor govern by our HUMAN HANDS, (YET) so you focus your attention elsewhere. Try channel 2453, reality television is good for you.

Well, this concludes D.D.’s note of ruling this planet – part 1.

Come again when the commercial break is over.


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