After Hours: part 3

One must realize that men and women control this planet, this man-made realm of reality that is used for production, operation, and livable situations involving the enterprise that is human development.

I have ALWAYS said that we humans imitate these Deities, so what is now lacking from the rest of the world?

Hard to say, but here is an idea.

For one, not every country is founded on these principals and ideologies that their neighboring country has, so this is note 1.

Note 2, when speaking of these deistical dudes, just WHO are we talking about? Is it something as a whole? Something within a specific region? The understanding of just what or WHO you are praising is very vital within this man-made paradigm called religion? The hands that crafted this planet and the visible universe?

Note 3, why must the regions of this one land beef and argue over the resources and natural outputs that (should) help and supply all humans of this spiritually endowed planet?

Have you ever wondered, like, using the modern day texts, formats, and ways of viewing each other, if every region of this planet had a VITAL essential tool for living on this planet, would we be able to work together in order to live and survive as a species? Could we all share the vital information and resources as a global unit to make sure that we all could sustain, live, and grow together as a united (natural) planet?


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