After Hours: Part 2

SO, if you are up with me, and still reading this rant, welcome.

The two duo dudes who are making a sound stand on the religious world that is all things spiritual are
( )

One of these dudes lives in the bible belt, but is an atheist. (Like a fat kid in an “experienced” aerobics class) Just feeling out of place.

I really cannot tell if people understand the gist of what the deistical dude empire holds and caters to, but they seem to be asking solid questions that could open a few eyes or more.

“I believe it should be acceptable for me to say out loud, “Maybe God isn’t looking after the entire world.””

After reading this, this statement right here, it stands out further to me than anything else within the article – not knocking the article, but this line can bring about some serious discussion.

So lets begin….

[End of part 2, resume to part 3]


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