After Hours in the News Room Study

It is after hours, I plan on sleeping here in the studio.

I have come across a very powerful, smart, and enlightened duo blog team, that has raised a few important ideas, questions, and thoughts regarding the “lightly tread ahead” realm of religion.

I applaud these dudes. One, because they encourage the discussion and operation of thinking involved with just looking around our planet and the mess that it is in. And Two, their “non-traditional” views of Deities make you think about the overall human paradigm – that WE humans hold in our hands as it is. It is unbelievable. Makes me, personally, ashamed to be a citizen within this paradigm of man, considering that we have so much to share, grow, and evolve for this planet as a whole, for all the men and women, boys and girls, but, yet, we fighting up shit and attempting to dominate regions and resources.

As I type this, I know no one will read it, so fuck it.

I have like 5 tabs of these dudes posts up along the top board of my screen, and each post they have written has a lot to offer, for the mind, the realm that is religion, and the planet Earth that man lives within that created these entities.

[end of this post – resume part 2]


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