10 Reasons Why I Think Society is S*!t

1. The dumbing down of the spiritual focus of our planet in relation to humans – worldwide

2. Religious arguments over the same energy of praise that supports ALL life on this planet – no matter your race, region or relation

3. Governments workin’ societies due to not being “united” factions of their particular region of occupancy

4. Older traditions of looking at humans / cultures / other nations are extremely outdated

5. Racism / Religious-ism / Region-ism

6. Lack of motivation and enthusiasm of education for the youth, our planet, and their future.

7. Square thinking in a divinely circular environment of supreme operations

8. The lack of passion and ignored beauty of our planet’s physical and spiritual structure for existence.

9. Imagination is a trait that is left from encouragement of all educational pursuits and talents

10. Lack of propaganda for Earth, our environment, and the spiritual and physical roles that it plays for all humans on this planet.


2 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I Think Society is S*!t

  1. #8 and #10 are big issues for me (not that the rest are not important). I can’t believe how many people still think global warming is a hoax and that we can continue to over fish, cut down the forests and use fossil fuels. Even more astonishing is the number of “scientists” that present “facts” that global warming is not occurring. Thanks visit my blog.

    • It is really unreal. A lot of things within our world are ****, and always has been. It sucks, I can’t stand it. Really tired of stressing over it. Once this species destroys everything, we can all start over from Mars, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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