The Separatist Society: Tearing Down the Spiritual Shield for Planet Tomorrow

Let the atheists live in peace, as they do you. You believe in a Deity, and they do not. I have much love for the atheists, simply due to their common understanding and notion that no deity exists. They all agree on this idea – and I can agree with them.

Being a religiously dominated planet, we (humans) have made up…. excuse me, ‘created’ several ideologies that pertain to the idea of a “supreme source that has / is divinely crafting our world as well as the vast area around it”.

I agree and believe, passionately, that something –spiritually majestic- is in charge of the continuous looping of events that are evident within nature. But, with various religious introductions to the human society, I see more spiritual separation within our worldly ideologies of deistical existences than the art form of common understanding and appreciation of our lives on this one planet – provided by energy that we all are soaking in, exuding, and sharing with one another.

Over and over again we see lands going through acts of depressive states of conflict, but why? Everyone is so ready to throw around their deities’ name, but here we are, in 2014, STILL living in a spiritual environment that resembles ancient times and past generations.

(like WTF)

When will the doors to the unification process of my planet, your planet, YOUR CHILDREN’S planet come into play? Wouldn’t you want the best OF THE BEST for your children? Ensuring that they had MORE opportunity and happiness that you were a part of growing up?

Even the kids and youth of today can see that these ancient and trivial times of mental and spiritual separation we are (sadly) a part of are NOT working for the empowerment of this planet – physically, spiritually and mentally. There are hundreds of thousands, just within America alone, who have a new way of seeing this planet, a new rubric to follow regarding the laws of this divine system of creation, within this vast universe for all of mankind.


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