Tell Me Baby, What’s Your Story? (An Outline)

Tell Me Baby “What’s Your Story?”
Inspired by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

For Our Continued Readers, and the newly aboard:

We present you with the outline of NAME’s beginning.

Kingdom Sun – NAME News – Creative University of Earthlings

Part / Lap 1: In the garage (blindly wanting to change the world*, with having only (partial) Christian understanding, then exploring other religious cults to find one to ‘join’ into – which failed

Part / Lap 2: On pit road (Seeing the world in a different perspective – through the lenses of other religions, since they all are a part of similar foundations, principals, and ideologies)

Part / Lap 3: green Flag (Wanting to unite the humans within America, no matter their race, region, and religious preference)

Part / Lap 4: Yellow Flag (Confusion and the Subliminal Road of the Checker)

Part / Lap 5: Continuing the Chase for the Dream*


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