Shhhh….. Don’t Use That ‘E’ Word! (International Conflicts and “E * * * * *”)

Welcome to the wonderful world that is Earth. As we journey further along our path of discovery, invention, and adventure, you shall need one key ingredient to enable you on your way. An ingredient so rich, so powerful, so… so….. DIVINE that we (collective humans on this planet) lack to see the understanding that connects us all together – economically, physically, and environmentally.

“E * * * * *” (WOW, is he cursing in his article already?)

It seems I could be. Inspired by the article, “Global Conflicts Are Increasingly Fueled by the Desire for Oil and Natural Gas”, and lays out – amazingly – the geographical communal ties to out planets strongest historical conflicts among neighboring nations and lands. Conflicts that go beyond issues of ethnic, religious, or national fixation, but have a strong (how strong? – “TOO STRONG!”) presence in the quest for……

“E * * * * *”.

In our growing society filled with endless entries of information – some useful, some entertaining – we need this key ingredient, all of us Earth dwellers -nations, lands, businesses, families, and markets. But, it has come to my attention, that there could possibly be a way to decrease a lot of the drama, a lot of this endless fighting other lands and societies over the ingredient that we all seem to “need”, and want in excess.
Several of our planets kingdom elites [USA, South Sudan, Iraq, Russia, The South China Sea, Crimea, Syria, and Nigeria to name a few] are a part of the fixation to control vital assets or key distribution revenues (or both) over this key ingredient, we call “Lands Environmental Currency.”

If the world’s elite Kingdoms slowly dropped the addictive habit of oil and gas as an environmental commodity, focused on the reality that all lands share – naturally, divinely, and spiritually – under the sun, could we begin to see nations, once torn by religious resource rivalries, regional ethnic debauchery, and fossil fuel feuding for building up our internationally, interconnected planet mimicking our superior environmental overlord? Yes, we could. Our planet would be powered by our oldest ingredient to power everything within this planet……

“E N E R G Y”, by sunlight. Earth’s global currency.

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