Letter to the News Team

I thank you for rocking along with this enterprise. You are all amazing in your own ways, and I dig that. I have been thinking ultra-hard about the typical things that cater to this sites mission, but, as we revolve around the cycle that is solar, it appears that our situation here is only rolling downhill.

The amount of turmoil and chaos that is working overtime around the world, like WHY? Why aren’t nations striving for the planetary option that can benefit the world wide world? What is the point of trying to unite the foundations of a man-made Kingdom we call religion, to show and prove that, with (1) Earthly principals, (2) motivations from supreme energies that all humans share, (3) our existence within this planet together are all of the same make-up and divine focus?

I grew up down here in this Bible belt region, and I once held that notion of 1. Belief in a divine power was number one, and still is for me, and 2. Through this “entity”, “anything” was possible. So that is where it began. The dream of a new allegiance for *OUR* planet Earth. Finding the foundations of souls of this planet, to show them that we are all brothers and sisters who make up this planet Earth – “NO MATTER YOUR RACE, REGION, OR RELIGION”.

Now, I not only find it difficult to find the balance of harmony, but my social skills have suffered SEVERELY, as well as my enthusiasm, my excitement, and the quest for exploration has dwindled in this pursuit of change for our planet Earth.

If the passion for the planet was as popular as sports, the “art” displayed through television, politics, and religious devotion, what do you think our planet would look like tomorrow?

If you have any any other concerns, email me.



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