The Religion That I Want

I want a religion that is set in the foundations of the spirit of sisterly and brotherly love, embedded into the fabric of imagination of every human, that we all make up and represent this planet’s worth – in accordance to all living things and the art of nature, her blueprints, and the manifestations of her elements.

Powered by the Light of the Sun, this religion will uphold and maintain the cause of evolving the man-made kingdom, the human race as a whole, its designs and order to live and sustain the planet. Upholding the knowledge that is painted throughout our cosmic existence, we must seek this, forever, in order to be raised up and over the bounds that our Supreme Element is responsible for.

Hiding the knowledge of the ways of our systematic nature should be made illegal to the spiritual mind and physical brain of every human being. We seek full understanding of information and the values that can aid in proper living situations and environments of all lands, for all humans.

NAME News.


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