Mother Earth: “The Mechaneu Project”

Mother Earth: “The Mechaneu Project”



When PDN (picturedotnews) first posted this article, I IMMEDIATELY thought about the functions and action of the planet Earth, how what we do to one area of the planet, significantly (maybe) affects another area of the planet, in which alters, shifts, or changes the patterns of the environmental blueprint.

The wonderful tech team at the Proxy Design Studio, have created this 3-D printed spherical gear system that twists and turns the entire spherical gear when one of its cams are turned.

This (I believe) is how Earth works, in the similar fashion. If we physically, mentally, and spiritually effect a certain aspect of our nature, we shift and alter the entire paradigm in some form or fashion. Whether our man-made effect is for positive or negative intentions, this will result in the outcome that will unfold from the workings of the intent that has been implemented.

NAME News.


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