[mmK] and the Planet Earth

I use that acronym a lot lately, in my articles, this concept that I borrow from philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer.

He made the claim in a chapter from his book, “The Essential Writings”, about humans and this “kingdom within a kingdom.”
He is so right, we do have this society (worldwide) that is a part of a kingdom within a kingdom.

This is my idea to the man-made kingdom and the Planet Earth: our own confusion within a heaven and paradise atmosphere.

[mmK] is the structural paradigm that man has developed within this umbrella of facts and figures that mold and shape the generalization of how to perceive, or SEE this planet, from the earliest developmental stages of being an evolving human.

The Earth, this is our only source to understand our surroundings regarding space, Earth her own sources and blueprints that mold and shape our existence into what we make it out to be, not being able to reverse it or rewrite it, but we can alter it, to a certain extent.

Earth is heavenly, paradise-y, and divine. Man has evolved in within nature, and now over nature to construct the fashions of the order of a developing a world inside this world.

What we have now, is a society under the rule, eye, and governance of one another, which is helpful, if said rule was out to reach further advancements for the planet and the human spirit as a collective, but it is not as of now.

This must change if our Heavens and Paradises are worth the reality in which they have been promised and laid out.

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