Mankind’s Next Evolutionary Phase: Earthly Creations for Innovative Sharing

Everything around us is evolving. It is a fact, and you cannot deny that. Look at yourself, look at your parents, your children, we all evolve every day. From zits on your face, to the cut on your body. With time, the actions of evolution are a divine act that should be embraced and welcomed as long as it runs parallel with the blueprint of nature – not perpendicular.

With this rising N.E.P., we will begin to show and display the art forms of our spiritual selves, in massive creative actions, to openly share and to openly discuss ideas for the empowerment of the land that we collectively call, “Earth”.

Will religions of the planet handle this? I am not sure anymore, But, the act and the form of the supreme energy that flows through the planet and ourselves (human animals of Earth) will always and forever be that guiding light of celestial knowledge to understanding ourselves better within this man-made kingdom.

No more will we be held down by destructive motives of the spirit, of the imagination, to our fellow sisters and brothers. None of that. The golden rule will reign, the share 4 care campaign will rise again, and our planet Earth will operate in the fashion that was intended to have us operate within.

A smart, spiritually sustainable, society.

NAME News.


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