Living in a Solar Sanctuary

With all of the events that are going on in the planet, this high amount of turmoil, useless *********** turmoil, it is clear to me that we are under battle.

The wicked of the world versus the natural order of OUR* planet

If Earth, *our* home planet, is the divine order of operation for our everyday lives, then, we obviously have not understood the orders of the ways that the planet works together in divine like patterns for our benefit.

I have ALWAYS heard in the SoBap (Southern Baptist) environments, that “’GAWWDDD’, gives us free will…..” over and over again.

IF this is true, then we must have an order that is higher than ourselves, to help us understand these processes and procedures of how to live, collectively, divinely, and spiritually, within this planet.

(Look around you, people. New ideas and technologies are flourishing all around you…. have been flourishing all around you, and this is only the start)

The divine paradigm of humanity on this planet will be back, living in the synchronicity of the laws of nature, and the patterns of environmental blueprints which will aid, sustain, and benefit the cause of the human reality, the natural environmental reality, while praising the divine solar existence that made this evolutionary process possible.

NAME News.



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